Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We cooked Thanksgiving dinner.  I made homemade rolls.

Branch Picture. :) We had a BUNCH of people there this week. It was beautiful! Usually we have about 16 that go every week. :) HOORAY!

Park Contacting. The day we met the darling old couple :)

Our day with Ecaterina. Her showing us a lot of the history of the area. This is a man whose donkey almost died but then his donkey drank from the water and was healed. So they call it like healing waters. 

THen we went to this beach that had a bunch of seashells on it. THEY WERE SO COOL! We were just walking on them. It was a beautiful beach

I love this girl. Seriously with all my heart. Andreea :) 

Cooking for Thanksgiving. Sora Newell just started eating a lemon. hahahahaha SO happy we are staying another transfer :) SO HAPPY!

This is Anca and she is leaving on her mission and so because I adore her so! We had to take a picture. :) I love this branch I really really do.

Pictures from Andreea that she sent us :) LOVE YOU ALL

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