Thursday, November 7, 2013

This is the piata that we are going to in 10 minutes :) YUMMY FRUITS! for like litterally 10 dollars for a huge bag full of everything you can imagine!

We have sports nights here and... well this is a long story. But we have a couple of gypsy... want to be investigators but we don't have voie to teach them and they ended up chasing Elder Degraw everywhere around it was super funny. He trapped himself in her so they would stop attacking him. And his companion does nothing but laughs. :)

The day of her call!

Super cute lady sora stapley contacted after church :) She was darling!

Like I said Sora Gerhartz hates giraffes and we put one in the lift for her to find when she came up :) HAHAH SO FUNNY :)

Don't know what this picture is from... I think Sora Gerhartz took it... At night and I was super tired... I'm just giving you all my pictures that I have taken...

Sora Letinu and I yesterday. Walking to the park... :)

Sora Letinu and I yesterday. Walking to the park... :)

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