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October 14, 2013


If you can't tell just by the title I have been transferred again! And I am going to CONSTANTA! This town right by the black sea. And the sisters apartment is literally on the beach. Going to love it there. But I am EXTREMELY sad to be leaving Sora Ralls and Arad I really thought I was going to be staying here for a while, but hey asa este. And I promise to those who think that maybe I just don't get along with my companions I LOVE MY COMPANIONS! I love Sora Ralls!

haha. Anywho. This week we weren't able to meet with all the people we wanted to meet up with but that left us time to contact this week. Which turned into some exciting, funny, weird, sad, and happy experiences. I swear the more I contact the more I love. I really need to contact a lot more. A LOT MORE! Hey you have to find people to teach right?

Well one night we went contacting with the Elders and I wanted Elder Davis to teach me how to Survey contact or what he said or how it worked. Because I need new ways to contact. Chalking isn't going to work for winter! So we were with the Elders and they were talking to these three grandma's super darling they were. And they all have their grandkids in the back playing soccer. They were all about 8 to 9 years old. And so we go over and start to talk to the grandma as well and just her mindset was amazing. She saw things that were missing or that didn't make sense. She saw how it doesn't make sense to feel close to Christ when she does the cross because He Lives! He isn't dead, gosh is she right! She felt like everything we said not only felt right but just made sense. I LOVE WHEN THAT HAPPENS! Well then they all call their kids over and they all basically attack Sora Ralls. I was laughing... SO HARD. It was hillarious, not going to lie. They kept calling her their girlfriends and kept fighting over her. And I mean literally fighting. Then we start to walk home and they try to give her kisses bye. By jumping up and trying to peck her on the cheek. Elder Barclay eventually had to intercede by holding both of the little boys hands. It was so great. Later on though as we are walking home Sora Ralls has this feeling to talk to this lady so we slow down and eventually start to talk to her. She was so wonderful. She said she wouldn't be able to meet with us because she is Catholic and her husband she said (these are her words)," My husband is like a blind horse, doesn't want to see anything else." But we did give her our number and she said she would pass it on to who she thinks might need us. Made me a little sad but happy at the same time. That there are some that do want to listen.

Then a few nights ago we went District Contacting. It was such a beautiful day and so we start to draw the whole Plan of Salvation in chalk and this girl was looking at it. So obviously I went up to her and started explaining it to her. She was the sweetest girl and she just thought it was so beautiful. I asked her about her religion and she is pentecostal and then another one of her friends came over and I said hi to her and she says hi back and then looks at the girl and says we have to go and just leaves. IT WAS SO SAD! It made me so mad and so sad because she was so interested and just thought it was beautiful. AHHH Missionary work breaks my heart somedays. Later that day though we found this adorable 14 year old girl who has some of the best views of life and religion and agreed to read the Book of Mormon. We were just sitting by her playing with the dogs around her, Her friends dogs, and we were just talking. She was so cute, so adorable and so full of life. She had told us that she had seen us a lot before and wanted to know what we did but she was shy. Then when we started talking she just opened up and was so wonderful. I haven't seen so much hope in someone before. She told us that she just doesn't see why there is a reason to be sad, gosh she is so great and HELLO she agreed to meet with us and read the Book of Mormon. She kept saying over and over how she was really interested and wanted to read it. Gosh so excited for the work here. Then this family comes over and they had the two cutest little kids. Elder Davis, oh gosh, they loved him he just played with them and they were showing us these cute flips and stretching moves. So adorable.

But I just remember looking at all of us in this park. 6 Missionaries all in a park each one of us talking to someone about the gospel about how we can have this happiness. About how we can feel God's love, how we can be with our families for forever, about the restoration of Christ's church. What an amazing feeling it is to be a missionary. Seriously. It's hard. But I can't imagine doing anything else. I get to talk to people everyday about what makes me, me. About how I am so close to my Father in Heaven and how I PERSONALLY have a relationship with Him. How I also am so close to my family and have such faith. What a HUGE blessing. I don't want it to stop ever.

We were able to meet with Anca this week. Gosh I just adore her. It's amazing for me to watch her and to see how much she loves her family. Her sweet little Mary and how she just wants a better life for her family. She will be baptized someday. Little steps here and there. Little steps. We were able to talk to her about Faith and it was interesting to hear her responses. In English that day we watched a Mormon Message called Mountains to Climb. If you have not seen it GO SEE IT NOW! She was just tearing up and yes it is sad. And that's what she said so we then watched Father. Which is not sad and she was still tearing up. She said that she just wanted to cry. I just want to shake her and say," ANCA! This is the spirit. This is the SPIRIT testifying to you of the things that we teach are true! It is talking to you! Please just listen to us, and read and pray. IT WILL BLESS YOUR LIFE!" She is so influenced by the spirit it's crazy. She feels such peace, strength, and happiness but she still just does not get it. It is so frustrating sometimes.

I am going to miss Arad and all of it's crazy goodness. But I am also excited for all the new things and they new adventures and just everything in Constanta. I definitely know that I am needed there and that Sora Ralls is needed here. Because if it went by what we wanted we either would both be staying or Sora Ralls would be leaving. Love that inspiration and revelation.

Family: So excited to here Spencer is now out into the missionary world. He's going to love it. :) So excited for him. Glad to hear that the food bill is getting smaller though hahahaha :) And sad to hear that it's so quite. I AM SUPER EXCITED TO HEAR IF IT IS A BOY OR A GIRL! CAN"T WAIT! I am still guessing that it is a girl. I will actually be very surprised if it is a boy. I'll be happy either way :) Can't wait to be an Aunt. Hey do you all want to send me pictures. Since I no longer know what any of you look like? :) That would be nice. Plus I really want to see Dad, Spencer, and the Bear :)

Love you all!
Sora Stewart!

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