Monday, June 25, 2012

I hope they call me on a mission :)

Hey Everyone!
So I announced a little bit last time that I was and am planning on going on a mission.
This is such an exciting time in my life and it's just beyond amazing that I have received such a wonderful answer to my prayers!
What's even more fantastic is that I have already started. And it has been such a smooth okay semi-smooth, mostly smooth journey for me. I feel SOOOO BLESSED! The Lord really most love me to give me so many wonderful blessings in my life.
But in this journey that I have taken I have already filled out basically all my paper work minus the things that I have to go and do, dentist and physical, but I am working on them. :)
Not only have I already gotten those papers finished, but I got my wisdom teeth out... and that was the um... well sorta smooth part. And here is the story on that.

I got my wisdom teeth out just last Tuesday and I was freaking out I will admit it. But I think the part that just freaked me out is that as I was waiting in my operating room I could hear EVERYTHING that was going on in the next room. All the drilling and weird machines and them talking... so yeah I believe I have every right to have freaked out.
The next thing I know though is that I am in a soft comfy chair with this warm blanket on me with a mouth full of gauze. Everything went fine go figure. :) I went home and I couldn't really eat and when I was supposed to eat I just wanted to sleep. So taking pills on a very empty stomach and (we figured out later) that I don't react well to Lortabs. I was not feeling very well.... I ate as much as I could which means jello and juice and water and I ended up throwing up later that night. Next day I felt so much better and I was able to eat and everything :) Eating as in only soft foods. But I was just grateful that I could eat at all with how swollen I was. Everyday got a little bit better though and yesterday I was even able to teach my lesson without a problem :) Only a little minor swelling in my mouth.
I look a little miserable haha
Not very attractive but you get the point.
Now I am posting pictures so no making fun of me with my super chimpmunk face.