Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Officially

Suck at life. Okay so maybe not that drastic but I suck at updating this thing. And my dear ole wonderful friend Jenni keeps reminding me to.
Well going to go through a quick run through...
I AM HOME!!!!! I am out of Price, Utah. And thank goodness for that. I never thought I would miss the scorching heat and dog hair all over the place so much!
Well okay I don't really like the dog hair but with three labs rolling all over the place it's hard to limit the hair.
Anyways. I am home and I am attending my family ward which feels so much like home.
Last week Chantal, Matt, Chanel, and Shaun all came to town. Chantal and Matt were here for there friends wedding.
So Chanel, Shaun, and I just had fun :)
We went to Sushi at Naked Fish and Shaun almost through up haha which was funny.
I hope you all enjoyed that and those of you who dislike sushi I'm sorry but you are missing out!!!
Also we all had to talk on Mothers day even Matthew. Shaun, Chantal, and Chanel all sang which was beautiful.
I think that when you are given a talk you really learn a lot. I have learned how to really really appreciate my mama and my daddy. 
Aren't they precious??? This is what I call TRUE LOVE :)

And I will now announce what I was timid to announce before. I have decided to serve a year and a half of my life to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I don't know where I am going yet and I still have to put in my papers. But this is my plan and I am excited to be able to leave by December :) HOORAY FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS! I think this is all :)
Hopefully I will be better at this