Monday, October 1, 2012

Please Excuse Me...

I feel soooo horrible that I have been absolutely horrible at blogging. Where is my mind lately....
Oh, I know work. So I did get a job! HOORAY back at my old job from High School which is really a blessing in my life.
Anyways back to what I was really meaning to post about, so much has gone on in my life!
I have my MISSION CALL!!!!!!!! SAY WHAT! Now most people by now already know where I am going, but I am going to post it on here for my own keep sakes and thoughts. But here are a few more thoughts of what I was actually going through and my own thoughts and

I remember the day I got my mission call perfectly. I had barely gotten any sleep the night before because my dear Mother kept commenting all week on how "It's coming! It's coming! Your getting your mission call on THURSDAY!" Now let me ask you would you not be excited if your dear mother, your best friend, kept saying all week long that the thing that you have been waiting for since December was coming? Exactly you now feel the excitement that has been building up since I knew that I was going to go on a mission.
Now as I woke up I felt tired, and yet restless especially since I knew I had to work until four, and then I had to go to Emily's volleyball game and I wouldn't even be opening it up until about 6:30 anyways. Now, I am so grateful I had work because if I didn't and I had to just sit around the house and stare at the big white envelope for hours on end. I probably would have been opening it up by myself in my room. HA!
So when I had finally gotten a break from work my mom had texted me a picture of my mission call that was just waiting for me and that's when I just couldn't stand it anymore. And I was so eager to get home. Again I am so grateful for work because I had to be there. And, if I was at home, my patience would not last. So as I finally drove home I am calling those that I feel might want to come over to a small gathering at my home and watch me open my call.
So I waited from four all the way till about 6:45 and in between that time I had gone to my sisters volleyball game, and then I sat at home waiting for others to arrive and finally I was able to open it.
Now I do not even know if I can explain it or put it in to words the emotions I was feeling at that time. I felt hot, and my heart was pounding. I was excited and overcome with all emotions of knowing that where I was going to go is somewhere the Lord knows that I will be in use. That this place no matter where it is is somewhere the Lord knows that I can affect His people and bring good in a place that may have not felt the power of our Heavenly Father.
Now when I was trying to read this paper that would tell me where I was going to be spending the next year and a half of my life serving, I just felt so overwhelmed with the spirit and I could barely utter out the words Sister Stewart. (How cool does that sounds now!) And the whole time I was trying to not see where I was going so that way I could be just as surprised as my family was when I said it out loud and as soon as I removed my hand I saw it and I gasped and just shouted out "Oh, My, Gosh." And then I cried again as my family yelled at me and just said where are you going!
I am going to be serving the Lord in the Romania/Moldova Mission. I will spend 18 months teaching the principles held in the Bible and the Book of Mormon to these people.
How amazing is this!
Ladies and Gentleman, whoever reads my blog. I am beyond excited for this next journey in my life and I know that this is exactly what my Heavenly Father wants for me.