Thursday, January 5, 2012


It has been a month at least since I have last posted and unfortunately I don't really have anything to report on.
So I will quickly go through what has happened within these few weeks and then go on to what I really wanted to say.
Was okay. Hahaha honestly I didn't do much I mostly packed for my trip to Vegas and watched a few movies on Netflix. I was woken up by my favorite people ever (my family) singing me Happy Birthday. And I continued on with the rest of the day. Getting my car checked, teaching dance class and having all of the dancers wish me a Happy Birthday which was fun. :) I did go out to dinner with my brother and sister in law to sushi right before my plane flight. They love me! :)
Was wonderful :) I have missed my family so much and seeing them and being with them was awesome :) I spent so much time with my family and my mom especially. I spent time with my cousin and her husband along with her son. Who is ADORABLE! Christmas was awesome.
New Years:
Now New Years I will tell you that I worked that morning came home and watched movies New Years was lameeee. Haha But one thing got me thinking my Resolutions. What do I want to change? What life style do I want to live. And who do I want to end up being?

So yes this post is about my Resolutions for this upcoming year. And I will just post a few of them :)
1. This one is always on my list and it is because I can always look back on the year and say I can always do better on this. Always even if I was good which for the most part I was really good this year. But it's reading my scriptures and not just reading my scriptures as much as STUDYING my scriptures.
2. This one like the first is one that I am good on but I could always always always be better. And it is saying my prayers. I usually always say my prayers at night. But the mornings... ehhh I am not so good at so I really want to be better and have a better relationship with my Father in Heaven.
3. Now this is a new one, but I want to do more missionary work. I want to go out of my way to talk about the gospel to those that I work with and those that I come into contact with. I want to write my testimony in the Book of Mormon and pass it out to 8 people this year. And maybe that isn't a lot but I want to at least pass out a Book of Mormon to 8 people.
4. I also want to try to get ready everyday. Now let me explain. I get really lazy when it is school time. I don't try to do my hair, make up, or really even try to put on any cute clothes. I wear sweats and tights a lot. So this year I want to try to get ready. And I want to do this because when I feel like I look good, I feel better about myself and I am in a better mood. It's a fact! It's like wearing cute underwear.
5. I want to be better at saving money. I am a spender. I like to buy clothes and go out sometimes. But I know that I need to be better for my future and I really don't want to live paycheck by paycheck. So my goal is to save more and spend less. Plain and simple.

I do have more but... those are somewhat personal. The reason why I am posting this though is that I think that resolutions are important. I think that it is important to make goals for your future and actively try to pursue it, so that you can be better.