Sunday, December 2, 2012

A little political a lot late.

I had received this email from my grandmother after the election. I meant to post it much earlier... a month earlier, but with things being crazy I didn't really have time so I am posting it now. Just because it really does affect me as I am a missionary, or will be soon enough.
Here is the email.

The Lord is preparing our country and the world for the Second Coming. Mitt running has done wonders for exposing the church to the world. There are very few people who can now say they have never heard of the Mormon Church. As we are preparing missionaries to serve at younger ages and changing curriculum to meet that need, it doesn't seem coincidental. Mass exposure to the church and a major upswing in the number of missionaries serving represents a hastening of the work.

If Mitt had won last night, automatically 50% of the country would be turned off to the missionaries when they knock on their door. As if their job isn't hard enough, now the defeated and angry losing party would have a wholesome and healthy target on which to take their frustrations out. Could the Lord afford to lose 50% of potential converts at a time when the work is ramping up? I don't think so.

Mitt lost with grace and class last night. The world saw a man, humbled by defeat but courteous, kind, cheerful... in other words, being the boy scout we have always known and would expect him to be.

If he had won, the world media would have over the next four years, taken everything we consider sacred and defiled it, making it the punchline of every joke on the late night TV circuit. How would that have accomplished the Lord's purpose? I don't think it would have.

I take solace in knowing that 15 men are called as prophets, seers, and revelators and that their response was sincere, kind and a class move. They aren't concerned about the state of politics; they are concerned about the state of men's souls. The state of the economy,if it continues to spiral downward will humble the proud and when their government fails them, they will be forced to turn to their creator. I find comfort in realizing that we are raising a generation that will "bring the world his truth" and I think that Mitt losing, as painful as it was, may just have been the launching off point for the greatest conversion cycle in history.

Back to me again. I was extremely upset that Mitt did not win. But as I read this email I realized that it was right that instead of people being curious and having an open mind, that they would instead have their hearts hardened and those missionaries would have an even harder time.
I'm grateful for the Lords plan, even though we don't know exactly what is going to happen. We can all have faith in Him. He knows what he is doing, and how he will spread the gospel :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just little thoughts

Good morning...night for those that are still up like me.
But I have a few thoughts that have been continually circling around my head since I have been called to the mission field.
First off for those that don't know I have been called to labor in the Romanian/Moldova mission. For those of you who didn't know where it was like I did. Whoops! It borders the country of Hungary, the Baltic Sea, and it's pretty close to Ukraine. I don't know or remember if it borders Ukraine but that's not my point.
Since I have been called to this country i have read everything that you need to bring, buy, and do it becomes a little overwhelming. All the shots... Which I have not been on my A game about, and I have a lot of shots. All of the luggage the books the things you need to read.
All of the clothes now this is a big one that I have thought about. Now I am going too a place that has super super cold winters. It has a chilly fall, a rainy spring, and a hot and humid summer. Now how on earth am I supposed to pick 8 outfits that go with every season! I can't!!!! I know it's not really that important and I will be fine. But I think that for me it's trying to plan for the unexpected. Because everything is really unexpected.
I am going to be entering the Mtc where all I do is study, and try to learn the language. In Romania I really have no idea what it's going to be like. What the real language is not what I was taught, just kidding. How the people act. How the food is. What it looks like. How I am going to even communicate with these people.
There is just so much that is unexpected.
And I really am just beyond excited to go through all of this unexpectedness. I'm excited to go through this change in my life. I am so excited and so very blessed to be able to go to a country and share what I truly love the most. The gospel! I am just excited for the unexpected.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Please Excuse Me...

I feel soooo horrible that I have been absolutely horrible at blogging. Where is my mind lately....
Oh, I know work. So I did get a job! HOORAY back at my old job from High School which is really a blessing in my life.
Anyways back to what I was really meaning to post about, so much has gone on in my life!
I have my MISSION CALL!!!!!!!! SAY WHAT! Now most people by now already know where I am going, but I am going to post it on here for my own keep sakes and thoughts. But here are a few more thoughts of what I was actually going through and my own thoughts and

I remember the day I got my mission call perfectly. I had barely gotten any sleep the night before because my dear Mother kept commenting all week on how "It's coming! It's coming! Your getting your mission call on THURSDAY!" Now let me ask you would you not be excited if your dear mother, your best friend, kept saying all week long that the thing that you have been waiting for since December was coming? Exactly you now feel the excitement that has been building up since I knew that I was going to go on a mission.
Now as I woke up I felt tired, and yet restless especially since I knew I had to work until four, and then I had to go to Emily's volleyball game and I wouldn't even be opening it up until about 6:30 anyways. Now, I am so grateful I had work because if I didn't and I had to just sit around the house and stare at the big white envelope for hours on end. I probably would have been opening it up by myself in my room. HA!
So when I had finally gotten a break from work my mom had texted me a picture of my mission call that was just waiting for me and that's when I just couldn't stand it anymore. And I was so eager to get home. Again I am so grateful for work because I had to be there. And, if I was at home, my patience would not last. So as I finally drove home I am calling those that I feel might want to come over to a small gathering at my home and watch me open my call.
So I waited from four all the way till about 6:45 and in between that time I had gone to my sisters volleyball game, and then I sat at home waiting for others to arrive and finally I was able to open it.
Now I do not even know if I can explain it or put it in to words the emotions I was feeling at that time. I felt hot, and my heart was pounding. I was excited and overcome with all emotions of knowing that where I was going to go is somewhere the Lord knows that I will be in use. That this place no matter where it is is somewhere the Lord knows that I can affect His people and bring good in a place that may have not felt the power of our Heavenly Father.
Now when I was trying to read this paper that would tell me where I was going to be spending the next year and a half of my life serving, I just felt so overwhelmed with the spirit and I could barely utter out the words Sister Stewart. (How cool does that sounds now!) And the whole time I was trying to not see where I was going so that way I could be just as surprised as my family was when I said it out loud and as soon as I removed my hand I saw it and I gasped and just shouted out "Oh, My, Gosh." And then I cried again as my family yelled at me and just said where are you going!
I am going to be serving the Lord in the Romania/Moldova Mission. I will spend 18 months teaching the principles held in the Bible and the Book of Mormon to these people.
How amazing is this!
Ladies and Gentleman, whoever reads my blog. I am beyond excited for this next journey in my life and I know that this is exactly what my Heavenly Father wants for me.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

All times, All things, All places

There have been many things that have affected my life in just these past couple weeks. And I do believe that a lot of these things are happening because every day, every week, I am getting closer and closer to putting in my mission call and going through the temple for the first time.
As I get closer and closer in pursuing my relationship with my Heavenly Father, I can just FEEL the temptations of the advesary trying to pull me down and put these doubts in my head.
Right now I am only about 3 weeks away from officially being able to put in my mission papers. The advesary is trying his hardest though and sometimes I feel that I give in to the doubt and in my prayers I just cry to my Heavenly Father and ask him to strengthen me in a way that the advesary can't touch me.
I know that if I am being the person my Father in Heaven wants me to be, a future Sister Missionary, at all times, all things, and all places that I will have such a strenth that the advesary will shrink and diminish in the light that I will hopefully hold.
I am trying my darnest to be the person I know I need to become in order to teach the wonderful people of who knows where the beautiful messages of the Gospel. That we have a Father in Heaven that loves us and knows each and everyone of us by name. That our brother Jesus Christ gave his life so that I may be forgiven and that I may have that chance to be with our Father. That as long as I have faith and I am doing the works, things, that I need to do in my life that I should not be fearful. How great of a message is this. And I am so grateful that I get to be this person at all times, all things, all places.

Monday, June 25, 2012

I hope they call me on a mission :)

Hey Everyone!
So I announced a little bit last time that I was and am planning on going on a mission.
This is such an exciting time in my life and it's just beyond amazing that I have received such a wonderful answer to my prayers!
What's even more fantastic is that I have already started. And it has been such a smooth okay semi-smooth, mostly smooth journey for me. I feel SOOOO BLESSED! The Lord really most love me to give me so many wonderful blessings in my life.
But in this journey that I have taken I have already filled out basically all my paper work minus the things that I have to go and do, dentist and physical, but I am working on them. :)
Not only have I already gotten those papers finished, but I got my wisdom teeth out... and that was the um... well sorta smooth part. And here is the story on that.

I got my wisdom teeth out just last Tuesday and I was freaking out I will admit it. But I think the part that just freaked me out is that as I was waiting in my operating room I could hear EVERYTHING that was going on in the next room. All the drilling and weird machines and them talking... so yeah I believe I have every right to have freaked out.
The next thing I know though is that I am in a soft comfy chair with this warm blanket on me with a mouth full of gauze. Everything went fine go figure. :) I went home and I couldn't really eat and when I was supposed to eat I just wanted to sleep. So taking pills on a very empty stomach and (we figured out later) that I don't react well to Lortabs. I was not feeling very well.... I ate as much as I could which means jello and juice and water and I ended up throwing up later that night. Next day I felt so much better and I was able to eat and everything :) Eating as in only soft foods. But I was just grateful that I could eat at all with how swollen I was. Everyday got a little bit better though and yesterday I was even able to teach my lesson without a problem :) Only a little minor swelling in my mouth.
I look a little miserable haha
Not very attractive but you get the point.
Now I am posting pictures so no making fun of me with my super chimpmunk face.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Officially

Suck at life. Okay so maybe not that drastic but I suck at updating this thing. And my dear ole wonderful friend Jenni keeps reminding me to.
Well going to go through a quick run through...
I AM HOME!!!!! I am out of Price, Utah. And thank goodness for that. I never thought I would miss the scorching heat and dog hair all over the place so much!
Well okay I don't really like the dog hair but with three labs rolling all over the place it's hard to limit the hair.
Anyways. I am home and I am attending my family ward which feels so much like home.
Last week Chantal, Matt, Chanel, and Shaun all came to town. Chantal and Matt were here for there friends wedding.
So Chanel, Shaun, and I just had fun :)
We went to Sushi at Naked Fish and Shaun almost through up haha which was funny.
I hope you all enjoyed that and those of you who dislike sushi I'm sorry but you are missing out!!!
Also we all had to talk on Mothers day even Matthew. Shaun, Chantal, and Chanel all sang which was beautiful.
I think that when you are given a talk you really learn a lot. I have learned how to really really appreciate my mama and my daddy. 
Aren't they precious??? This is what I call TRUE LOVE :)

And I will now announce what I was timid to announce before. I have decided to serve a year and a half of my life to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I don't know where I am going yet and I still have to put in my papers. But this is my plan and I am excited to be able to leave by December :) HOORAY FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS! I think this is all :)
Hopefully I will be better at this

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Serious Update

Wow okay so I haven't updated in FOREVER! So I will make a quick list of what has been happening since oh dear January.
- My best friend got engaged :) Okay so technically this was in December but I didn't post anything about it and I love her so dearly so I had to say SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
They are darling and he loves her so. If he didn't he knows that I would just kick his butt :)

- I quit my job at the restaurant. Not huge news seeing as I got a better job elsewhere :) I am happy.
- My other best friend dearest Jenni Winn got engaged :) I had the chance to go to her dress fitting she looks gorgeous and I met her fiance :) He is a goober and I love how happy he makes her. It just radiates off of her :)
 And just so everyone knows this is the FIRST time I have ever seen her kiss anyone! I was a little shocked! Let me tell you hahaha! I always knew that she would marry a tall person!

- It is official that I am going home for the summer :) and I am taking a while off of school... for some personal reasons that I will later post when I am ready :) It is a good thing. :)
I can not wait to go home. I miss my family a ton and I miss the sun and the heat and my puppies/Fat Lard of Dogs. I miss home.
- Jessica had her bachelorette party :) It was small and it was more of us old roommates for a last reunion but it was fun and I loved it :) I forgot to take any pictures so sorry about that one.
- Jessica got married :) She was married for time and all eternity in the Draper temple on May 10th at 10 a.m. :)
We had our last sleep over as her being a single lady the night before she looked gorgeous :) And she married her best friend :) which sadly isn't me but we all have to settle right ;) just kidding mathew :) I don't roll that way hahaha. But I am beyond happy for her :)

I couldn't be happy for her and now her next goal in life is to pick me out a future husband hahahaha :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012


It has been a month at least since I have last posted and unfortunately I don't really have anything to report on.
So I will quickly go through what has happened within these few weeks and then go on to what I really wanted to say.
Was okay. Hahaha honestly I didn't do much I mostly packed for my trip to Vegas and watched a few movies on Netflix. I was woken up by my favorite people ever (my family) singing me Happy Birthday. And I continued on with the rest of the day. Getting my car checked, teaching dance class and having all of the dancers wish me a Happy Birthday which was fun. :) I did go out to dinner with my brother and sister in law to sushi right before my plane flight. They love me! :)
Was wonderful :) I have missed my family so much and seeing them and being with them was awesome :) I spent so much time with my family and my mom especially. I spent time with my cousin and her husband along with her son. Who is ADORABLE! Christmas was awesome.
New Years:
Now New Years I will tell you that I worked that morning came home and watched movies New Years was lameeee. Haha But one thing got me thinking my Resolutions. What do I want to change? What life style do I want to live. And who do I want to end up being?

So yes this post is about my Resolutions for this upcoming year. And I will just post a few of them :)
1. This one is always on my list and it is because I can always look back on the year and say I can always do better on this. Always even if I was good which for the most part I was really good this year. But it's reading my scriptures and not just reading my scriptures as much as STUDYING my scriptures.
2. This one like the first is one that I am good on but I could always always always be better. And it is saying my prayers. I usually always say my prayers at night. But the mornings... ehhh I am not so good at so I really want to be better and have a better relationship with my Father in Heaven.
3. Now this is a new one, but I want to do more missionary work. I want to go out of my way to talk about the gospel to those that I work with and those that I come into contact with. I want to write my testimony in the Book of Mormon and pass it out to 8 people this year. And maybe that isn't a lot but I want to at least pass out a Book of Mormon to 8 people.
4. I also want to try to get ready everyday. Now let me explain. I get really lazy when it is school time. I don't try to do my hair, make up, or really even try to put on any cute clothes. I wear sweats and tights a lot. So this year I want to try to get ready. And I want to do this because when I feel like I look good, I feel better about myself and I am in a better mood. It's a fact! It's like wearing cute underwear.
5. I want to be better at saving money. I am a spender. I like to buy clothes and go out sometimes. But I know that I need to be better for my future and I really don't want to live paycheck by paycheck. So my goal is to save more and spend less. Plain and simple.

I do have more but... those are somewhat personal. The reason why I am posting this though is that I think that resolutions are important. I think that it is important to make goals for your future and actively try to pursue it, so that you can be better.