Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just little thoughts

Good morning...night for those that are still up like me.
But I have a few thoughts that have been continually circling around my head since I have been called to the mission field.
First off for those that don't know I have been called to labor in the Romanian/Moldova mission. For those of you who didn't know where it was like I did. Whoops! It borders the country of Hungary, the Baltic Sea, and it's pretty close to Ukraine. I don't know or remember if it borders Ukraine but that's not my point.
Since I have been called to this country i have read everything that you need to bring, buy, and do it becomes a little overwhelming. All the shots... Which I have not been on my A game about, and I have a lot of shots. All of the luggage the books the things you need to read.
All of the clothes now this is a big one that I have thought about. Now I am going too a place that has super super cold winters. It has a chilly fall, a rainy spring, and a hot and humid summer. Now how on earth am I supposed to pick 8 outfits that go with every season! I can't!!!! I know it's not really that important and I will be fine. But I think that for me it's trying to plan for the unexpected. Because everything is really unexpected.
I am going to be entering the Mtc where all I do is study, and try to learn the language. In Romania I really have no idea what it's going to be like. What the real language is not what I was taught, just kidding. How the people act. How the food is. What it looks like. How I am going to even communicate with these people.
There is just so much that is unexpected.
And I really am just beyond excited to go through all of this unexpectedness. I'm excited to go through this change in my life. I am so excited and so very blessed to be able to go to a country and share what I truly love the most. The gospel! I am just excited for the unexpected.