Sunday, March 18, 2012

Serious Update

Wow okay so I haven't updated in FOREVER! So I will make a quick list of what has been happening since oh dear January.
- My best friend got engaged :) Okay so technically this was in December but I didn't post anything about it and I love her so dearly so I had to say SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
They are darling and he loves her so. If he didn't he knows that I would just kick his butt :)

- I quit my job at the restaurant. Not huge news seeing as I got a better job elsewhere :) I am happy.
- My other best friend dearest Jenni Winn got engaged :) I had the chance to go to her dress fitting she looks gorgeous and I met her fiance :) He is a goober and I love how happy he makes her. It just radiates off of her :)
 And just so everyone knows this is the FIRST time I have ever seen her kiss anyone! I was a little shocked! Let me tell you hahaha! I always knew that she would marry a tall person!

- It is official that I am going home for the summer :) and I am taking a while off of school... for some personal reasons that I will later post when I am ready :) It is a good thing. :)
I can not wait to go home. I miss my family a ton and I miss the sun and the heat and my puppies/Fat Lard of Dogs. I miss home.
- Jessica had her bachelorette party :) It was small and it was more of us old roommates for a last reunion but it was fun and I loved it :) I forgot to take any pictures so sorry about that one.
- Jessica got married :) She was married for time and all eternity in the Draper temple on May 10th at 10 a.m. :)
We had our last sleep over as her being a single lady the night before she looked gorgeous :) And she married her best friend :) which sadly isn't me but we all have to settle right ;) just kidding mathew :) I don't roll that way hahaha. But I am beyond happy for her :)

I couldn't be happy for her and now her next goal in life is to pick me out a future husband hahahaha :)