Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My Grandmother :) Honestly how wonderful are grandmothers, think of your own. They are amazing now mine I'm sorry but she is probably the most amazing grandmother in the whole world. My grandmother grew up in a strong family that loved the gospel. When she was little she was diagnosed with cancer in her leg and had to get her leg amputated. Now I remember when I was a little girl and I couldn't imagine how scared I would be or how much my life would be affected if I had to get my leg amputated. But my grandma she never let it affect her. She still grew up and went on a mission when she was 21, she went to college, got married in the , had six kids, was in all sorts of leadership positions in the church, went on another mission with my grandpa, and now she has 18 grand kids, and 4 great grand kids. Now this isn't even all that my grandma has done with her life, because she has done so much more but if I made a whole list it would take ages!
My grandma has always written us a letter even before email she would write everyone of her kids once a week to just update us and tell us how things are and she still does that today. My grandma remembers all of our birthdays and always sends a birthday card.
So now that I am on my own and am no longer with my mom where we would call her and wish her a happy birthday I called her on my own and wished her a happy birthday. I love my grandma. She is amazing and she makes me so happy especially since she always tells me how happy and proud of me she is. I love my Grandma :) Happy Birthday Love you :)