Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Isn't it AMAZING??

The gospel. I mean how amazing is it??? I feel so grateful everyday to have known about the gospel since the time I was born. The way my parents raised me and just the fullness of knowing what happened to us before we born, what is happening now, what we have to do to return to our Father in Heaven, and then what will happen after. I mean how lucky are we to be born and blessed with this knowledge, while some look for it and because this church is just so good to be true they walk pass.
Today I have just had a lot of talks with my friends who aren't members and maybe they are happy the way they are, but they don't understand how happy they could be. I think that my reading church books is really getting to me. But I started reading in my all time favorite book "My Not So Fairy Tale Life" and my favorite quote always pops out to me and I felt like I should share it.
"My life would have moments of anguish in the future. There would be trials, pain, frustration, and failure, but I wouldn't be alone. My Heavenly Father and His Son, my Savior would be there for me.
I wondered what it would be like to meet Him. If I looked Him in the eyes, would I see every bruise, scratch, and crack in my own heart? I felt certain I would. April had taught me that when He suffered, it wasn't just for our sins. It was for every part of agony that enters the human soul. For all the times we suffer from lost love or lack of love, for all the times we came in second or didn't place at all. He suffered it all that we might not have to go through anything alone.
I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude to know that when I do meet Him, He will really understand me. And instead of crying out the words "You don't know what I went through!" I will fall to the floor, kiss His feet, and through my tears say, "Thanks for being there.""
I feel so sure about this and I feel like I can't explain this any better than that. I know that through all I went through he was carrying me, holding me, saying encouraging words in my ear. Telling me that I am strong, that He loves me no matter how many mistakes I make. That I am beautiful and am a daughter of God and I deserve to be treated like one. No matter how many struggles and temptations that Satan may empower over me I know that when I can get on my knees and open all my heart to Him and not hold anything back that he will answer me and he will help me. I have such a testimony in prayer and the reading of my scriptures that I feel that if someone asked me do I know Christ. I feel like I could hold my head up high and say, "Yes, I do. And he loves me very much."

I know that I am just babbling about things of the gospel today, but I feel that I should even talk more on it... it is such a huge part of me that I need to really talk about it every time I can.
I found this video today and I love it :)
This portrays Christ in such a way that I love :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

You know you're bored when...

You start taking surveys.... so here we go...

Hmmmm probably my legs. I like to shave my legs first so yeah.

Its a coral pinkish color. It is so soft and comfortable. I just got it :)

Ughhh... awkward. Possibly, yeahhh

Sometimes yeah I do. The night before I usually think of what I am going to where so I don't have to wake up so early.

I am feeling really tired... and kinda irritated. Long day at work full of headaches

My bed sheet. I am laying on it.

Ummm neither...

I actually think it was about a serial killer... I can't remember though... it was kinda weird. That is what I get for watching Criminal Minds before bed.

Yes I did. :) I meet someone knew almost everyday now :)

Raising Canes... I miss it

Yeah I do... probably not often enough though.

I dunno... some vegetable which it is.

I have never had an aim so never.

HAHAHA no. Not really. Maybe internally but I don't let things show very easily.

I would dance to any song ;)

yeah I have.

Biting gives me the chills. So I just lick it.

Ehhh sometimes. For the most part yeah.

I love myself. In a non cocky way.

I have met singers... a celebrity... a don't think so...

Ewww no.

The dogs bark.

Just the United States and Canada.

I think they are strict in a loving way. They don't let me do stuff that would harm me or my beliefs. But I would never want to do that anyways, so they aren't really strict.

Oh heck NO! I love myself remember?

Yeah sure why not?

Well that would be rude so no.

Yeah the crown I won for being Miss Eastern

Yeah from Red Box.

I don't have math right now or any class so no one.

when I was in middle school yeah.

Sure why not?

Probably no one... who knows though.

How about chicken eggs from the backyard?

Ummmm I think so but who knows, I have a lot of clothes.

No, eventually I will though.

Yeah I have.

Yes I do.

Hahahha totally depends.

HECK YES. I love my burt :)

Jessica will be going to Anatomy, and studying. Jenni will be saying goodbye to Dallin and Lorielle.

haha I can but probably not the proper way.

Yes sir/ma'am

I have not.

Ummm why on earth is the BDAC closed possibly?

Ummm oh goodness... I have no idea...

I don't like either. I like men haha ;)

There is no such thing as a bus here at USU Eastern

DEAD Straight

Ummm don't really wanna talk about it thanks :)


Not too much. It depends.

Ummm yeah most likely.

haha totally have.

Fall :) I LOVE FALL :)

Used to be Brown... starting to become a dark gray and light pink :)

It depends on the situation but yeah sometimes.

Eww no.

HAHAHA well... if you really must know... Probably Cortland

Nope I do not.

63. Where was your facebook default picture taken at?
On stage for the Spring Images dance concert :)

I dunno probably not...

I do :) It's a pretty great life.

Depends. At least everyday it seems like now.

Pink Flamingo :) :) :) :)

Gas for my car.

Perfect :)

Yup sure can

I can forgive. Yes. Will I ever get with them probably not.

Yeah I do.

Yes I can :)

PJ bottoms and a USU Eastern shirt.

hahahaha yes I have :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011


I thought I was going to die. No really I did. So let me back up a bit and let me fill you on in what is going on. I am still in Price, UT and I am living on a farm... okay so a little less than a farm. It still is a farm though, or at least I consider it a farm, there is chickens and roosters, a horse, 3 dogs, a cat, and geese. Yes geese.
Most people are terrified of geese and I am one of these. They don't like anyone near them and they hiss at you. I haven't been attacked yet... but the rooster charged at my leg 2 days ago and today. I don't think he likes me very much.
Anyways back to my story. Terry and Cherilynn's geese are actually pretty nice... as they say. I think they are mean, but that's just me. They don't attack people all the time but again they don't like you to get near them because they hiss at you all the time.
Well today, I woke up and got ready to go to church, I was even early. And I look around and I can't find my keys anywhere. I still haven't found my keys, but I needed a break from looking. So while I'm looking I take the dogs out and I realize that I have to go feed the chickens. Which is where the rooster charged at me. So far I only like the Horse since I don't have to do anything to feed him, he takes care of himself unlike all the other animals. Anyways I am coming back from feeding the chickens and I realize that one of the mother geese, she just had two little goslings and so she is super over protective and just mean. She starts hissing at me and I had no idea why until I crossed the other gate and I realized that her little one is stuck in the area that he or she is not supposed to be in. Which is not good because Foxes like to come and snatch them up all the time. Anyways so she's freaking out and I have no idea what to do. I figure hey if the little gosling got over here he can get back. So I come back inside and continue to look for my keys and the dogs start barking so I try to bring them back out... again. So I let the two guys out and I look to my left and not only is the little gosling still there but its brother or sister was there and its mom and its dad. I freaked because I didn't want the geese to kill the dogs so I bring them inside and call Terry of what I should do, because the dogs are not happy. And you know what he tells me, he tells me to open up the gate and then to HERD the geese back in. Yes you heard me he said to herd them. Can you even herd geese? So I asked how on earth am I supposed to do that without dying and of course he laughed and just said to spread my arms wide and walk toward them.
Sounds easy right? Yeah right. So I go and put on my shoes and walk outside. Geese scare me okay, really bad. And I do what he says and open the gate... they hiss at me. And then I get behind them... haha not right behind them but ya know behind them a couple feet and I put my arms out wide and just take one step toward them... well they didn't like that. They started hissing both of the parents and they both spread their wings wide. Yeah well they have large wings. But gradually they started backing up... but in the wrong way not in the direction of the gate. So I have to move in another direction which put nothing in between us. And I do it again. Again they did not like this but they then begin to retreat back into the gate. At any moment though I was ready to just pick up and run back into the house and let the dogs just live out their bladder. I was ready for the geese to see the fear and hear my heart beat and decide to attack me.
And yes this is a real story and maybe I wasn't gonna die but I'm pretty sure if they wanted to they could kill me.
Moral of this story is... I never want to live on a farm or have animals when I am married. Especially Geese and roosters.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Empty rooms...

Today was my official last day of my first year of college. And it was an awesome, trying, ridiculous, hard, happy, incredible school year. I had learned so much through just going to class, but I'm sorry to say I think I learned a whole lot more about who I am, who I am going to be, what I love about myself, what I need to work on. I learned a lot about me :) And I think that this was necessary. I needed this. My senior of high school was a hard one. I just needed to escape and really be myself and this was it. I really had the time of my life and I challenged myself in ways I never would have thought of.
So as I am sitting here in my room filled with naked white walls staring at the wall across from my bed where there used to be tons of colors (mostly purple) and there used to be my roommate. For those of you who know me I don't cry, I used to cry a lot and I just don't cry very much or at all anymore. It just happened. Hahaha so today when Jess's stuff was all packed up in her car and she came back from her last exam and went to say goodbye to all of us roommates. I cried. That's right I cried, like a little baby. I have decided that I'm okay at goodbye's when I am friends with them, but when I have connected with a person and shared all of my inner thoughts and feelings with that person it hurts me to loose them. The same things happened with Jenni. I miss them both and I wont have either of them this summer. It makes me sad.

But just sitting here again in the naked room my mind fills with all these thoughts... this isn't ever going to be the same. I'm not going to have the same roommates, it isn't ever going to be my freshman year of college. I wont ever be back in to my teens after this year. I'll be 20... yuck. I'll be one of
the older ambassadors. I'll be the one with a job and I will know how to do my schedule properly and manage my time. I'll know how things work here at the school... it won't ever be the same and this makes me sad. :(
So much for a fantastic year filled with fantastic memories and fantastic people. I will miss it all. Thank you those who made my year one of the
best :)
These pictures are just some of the highlights of my year :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bucket List :)

So my friend Sterling had created a blog and it had his bucket list. I love the idea of bucket lists really I do. I think that if I had decided to do a bucket list it would keep my mind going on and on of what things I could do in my life. And most importantly it would be a good way to put the things that I want most in life :)

1. Married to my best friend in the Temple, sealed for all eternity :)
2. Have kids.
3. Keep on dancing for the rest of my life.
4. Get a masters in Dance Choreography
5. Work at a University
6. Build my own house... not with my own hands though haha
7. Go to a Brad Paisley concert and a Tim McGraw Concert
8. See Joshua Radin live.
9. Change my diet to live a healthier life.
10. Laugh so hard, I pee my pants.
11. Learn how to sew a dress and clothes.
12. Make a large quilt for my future home.
13. Live in the Gospel my entire life.
14. Serve a mission.
15. Learn Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, and Russian
16. Have my own Choreography Studio.
17. Make one of my weakness's my strength.
18. Read the Book of Mormon in all the languages in #15.
19. Be able to play anything on the Piano.
20. Learn the Guitar.
21. Become an intern in something that I desire.
22. Have all my children Baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
23. Go to the Temple to watch my little brother and sister get married.
24. Live in the East Coast.
25. Go on a cruise.
26. Go to every State in the U.S.
27. Get rid of my exzema for good.
28. Affect someones life for the better.
29. Go on a humanitarian aid in South America.
30. "Become Perfect in Christ."
31. Learn to like food that I don't like.
32. Live in a foreign country.
33. Travel to all of the continents.
34. Live in Italy.
35. Fly first class.
36. Read the Book of Mormon at least 100 times before I die.
37. Look in the mirror and know that I am beautiful.
38. Go scuba diving in Hawaii and in the Caribbean.
39. Learn to love running.
40. Write a book.
41. Go to Womens Conference in Provo.
42. Go back to the Church History Tour sites again.
43. Perform dance in 3 different countries.
44. Thank the Lord for the trials he has given me, that make me stronger.
45. Read my scriptures every day.
46. Pray everyday.
47. Be a stay at home mom.
48. Swim with dolphins.
49. Go to the temple in 5 different countries.
50. Go to a temple dedication.
51. Win something unexpected.
52. Pay a full tithe every year.
53. Live a temple worthy life forever.
54. Read the Old and New Testament.
55. Love my faults.
56. Be financially stable.
57. Love everyone. Even my enemies.
58. Learn sign language