Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Isn't it AMAZING??

The gospel. I mean how amazing is it??? I feel so grateful everyday to have known about the gospel since the time I was born. The way my parents raised me and just the fullness of knowing what happened to us before we born, what is happening now, what we have to do to return to our Father in Heaven, and then what will happen after. I mean how lucky are we to be born and blessed with this knowledge, while some look for it and because this church is just so good to be true they walk pass.
Today I have just had a lot of talks with my friends who aren't members and maybe they are happy the way they are, but they don't understand how happy they could be. I think that my reading church books is really getting to me. But I started reading in my all time favorite book "My Not So Fairy Tale Life" and my favorite quote always pops out to me and I felt like I should share it.
"My life would have moments of anguish in the future. There would be trials, pain, frustration, and failure, but I wouldn't be alone. My Heavenly Father and His Son, my Savior would be there for me.
I wondered what it would be like to meet Him. If I looked Him in the eyes, would I see every bruise, scratch, and crack in my own heart? I felt certain I would. April had taught me that when He suffered, it wasn't just for our sins. It was for every part of agony that enters the human soul. For all the times we suffer from lost love or lack of love, for all the times we came in second or didn't place at all. He suffered it all that we might not have to go through anything alone.
I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude to know that when I do meet Him, He will really understand me. And instead of crying out the words "You don't know what I went through!" I will fall to the floor, kiss His feet, and through my tears say, "Thanks for being there.""
I feel so sure about this and I feel like I can't explain this any better than that. I know that through all I went through he was carrying me, holding me, saying encouraging words in my ear. Telling me that I am strong, that He loves me no matter how many mistakes I make. That I am beautiful and am a daughter of God and I deserve to be treated like one. No matter how many struggles and temptations that Satan may empower over me I know that when I can get on my knees and open all my heart to Him and not hold anything back that he will answer me and he will help me. I have such a testimony in prayer and the reading of my scriptures that I feel that if someone asked me do I know Christ. I feel like I could hold my head up high and say, "Yes, I do. And he loves me very much."

I know that I am just babbling about things of the gospel today, but I feel that I should even talk more on it... it is such a huge part of me that I need to really talk about it every time I can.
I found this video today and I love it :)
This portrays Christ in such a way that I love :)

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  1. Jenna just wanted to drop you a note and say hi and that i have been thinking of you hope all is well and things are going good for you..love ya melanie