Sunday, May 29, 2011


I thought I was going to die. No really I did. So let me back up a bit and let me fill you on in what is going on. I am still in Price, UT and I am living on a farm... okay so a little less than a farm. It still is a farm though, or at least I consider it a farm, there is chickens and roosters, a horse, 3 dogs, a cat, and geese. Yes geese.
Most people are terrified of geese and I am one of these. They don't like anyone near them and they hiss at you. I haven't been attacked yet... but the rooster charged at my leg 2 days ago and today. I don't think he likes me very much.
Anyways back to my story. Terry and Cherilynn's geese are actually pretty nice... as they say. I think they are mean, but that's just me. They don't attack people all the time but again they don't like you to get near them because they hiss at you all the time.
Well today, I woke up and got ready to go to church, I was even early. And I look around and I can't find my keys anywhere. I still haven't found my keys, but I needed a break from looking. So while I'm looking I take the dogs out and I realize that I have to go feed the chickens. Which is where the rooster charged at me. So far I only like the Horse since I don't have to do anything to feed him, he takes care of himself unlike all the other animals. Anyways I am coming back from feeding the chickens and I realize that one of the mother geese, she just had two little goslings and so she is super over protective and just mean. She starts hissing at me and I had no idea why until I crossed the other gate and I realized that her little one is stuck in the area that he or she is not supposed to be in. Which is not good because Foxes like to come and snatch them up all the time. Anyways so she's freaking out and I have no idea what to do. I figure hey if the little gosling got over here he can get back. So I come back inside and continue to look for my keys and the dogs start barking so I try to bring them back out... again. So I let the two guys out and I look to my left and not only is the little gosling still there but its brother or sister was there and its mom and its dad. I freaked because I didn't want the geese to kill the dogs so I bring them inside and call Terry of what I should do, because the dogs are not happy. And you know what he tells me, he tells me to open up the gate and then to HERD the geese back in. Yes you heard me he said to herd them. Can you even herd geese? So I asked how on earth am I supposed to do that without dying and of course he laughed and just said to spread my arms wide and walk toward them.
Sounds easy right? Yeah right. So I go and put on my shoes and walk outside. Geese scare me okay, really bad. And I do what he says and open the gate... they hiss at me. And then I get behind them... haha not right behind them but ya know behind them a couple feet and I put my arms out wide and just take one step toward them... well they didn't like that. They started hissing both of the parents and they both spread their wings wide. Yeah well they have large wings. But gradually they started backing up... but in the wrong way not in the direction of the gate. So I have to move in another direction which put nothing in between us. And I do it again. Again they did not like this but they then begin to retreat back into the gate. At any moment though I was ready to just pick up and run back into the house and let the dogs just live out their bladder. I was ready for the geese to see the fear and hear my heart beat and decide to attack me.
And yes this is a real story and maybe I wasn't gonna die but I'm pretty sure if they wanted to they could kill me.
Moral of this story is... I never want to live on a farm or have animals when I am married. Especially Geese and roosters.


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