Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bucket List :)

So my friend Sterling had created a blog and it had his bucket list. I love the idea of bucket lists really I do. I think that if I had decided to do a bucket list it would keep my mind going on and on of what things I could do in my life. And most importantly it would be a good way to put the things that I want most in life :)

1. Married to my best friend in the Temple, sealed for all eternity :)
2. Have kids.
3. Keep on dancing for the rest of my life.
4. Get a masters in Dance Choreography
5. Work at a University
6. Build my own house... not with my own hands though haha
7. Go to a Brad Paisley concert and a Tim McGraw Concert
8. See Joshua Radin live.
9. Change my diet to live a healthier life.
10. Laugh so hard, I pee my pants.
11. Learn how to sew a dress and clothes.
12. Make a large quilt for my future home.
13. Live in the Gospel my entire life.
14. Serve a mission.
15. Learn Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, and Russian
16. Have my own Choreography Studio.
17. Make one of my weakness's my strength.
18. Read the Book of Mormon in all the languages in #15.
19. Be able to play anything on the Piano.
20. Learn the Guitar.
21. Become an intern in something that I desire.
22. Have all my children Baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
23. Go to the Temple to watch my little brother and sister get married.
24. Live in the East Coast.
25. Go on a cruise.
26. Go to every State in the U.S.
27. Get rid of my exzema for good.
28. Affect someones life for the better.
29. Go on a humanitarian aid in South America.
30. "Become Perfect in Christ."
31. Learn to like food that I don't like.
32. Live in a foreign country.
33. Travel to all of the continents.
34. Live in Italy.
35. Fly first class.
36. Read the Book of Mormon at least 100 times before I die.
37. Look in the mirror and know that I am beautiful.
38. Go scuba diving in Hawaii and in the Caribbean.
39. Learn to love running.
40. Write a book.
41. Go to Womens Conference in Provo.
42. Go back to the Church History Tour sites again.
43. Perform dance in 3 different countries.
44. Thank the Lord for the trials he has given me, that make me stronger.
45. Read my scriptures every day.
46. Pray everyday.
47. Be a stay at home mom.
48. Swim with dolphins.
49. Go to the temple in 5 different countries.
50. Go to a temple dedication.
51. Win something unexpected.
52. Pay a full tithe every year.
53. Live a temple worthy life forever.
54. Read the Old and New Testament.
55. Love my faults.
56. Be financially stable.
57. Love everyone. Even my enemies.
58. Learn sign language

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