Monday, May 30, 2011

You know you're bored when...

You start taking surveys.... so here we go...

Hmmmm probably my legs. I like to shave my legs first so yeah.

Its a coral pinkish color. It is so soft and comfortable. I just got it :)

Ughhh... awkward. Possibly, yeahhh

Sometimes yeah I do. The night before I usually think of what I am going to where so I don't have to wake up so early.

I am feeling really tired... and kinda irritated. Long day at work full of headaches

My bed sheet. I am laying on it.

Ummm neither...

I actually think it was about a serial killer... I can't remember though... it was kinda weird. That is what I get for watching Criminal Minds before bed.

Yes I did. :) I meet someone knew almost everyday now :)

Raising Canes... I miss it

Yeah I do... probably not often enough though.

I dunno... some vegetable which it is.

I have never had an aim so never.

HAHAHA no. Not really. Maybe internally but I don't let things show very easily.

I would dance to any song ;)

yeah I have.

Biting gives me the chills. So I just lick it.

Ehhh sometimes. For the most part yeah.

I love myself. In a non cocky way.

I have met singers... a celebrity... a don't think so...

Ewww no.

The dogs bark.

Just the United States and Canada.

I think they are strict in a loving way. They don't let me do stuff that would harm me or my beliefs. But I would never want to do that anyways, so they aren't really strict.

Oh heck NO! I love myself remember?

Yeah sure why not?

Well that would be rude so no.

Yeah the crown I won for being Miss Eastern

Yeah from Red Box.

I don't have math right now or any class so no one.

when I was in middle school yeah.

Sure why not?

Probably no one... who knows though.

How about chicken eggs from the backyard?

Ummmm I think so but who knows, I have a lot of clothes.

No, eventually I will though.

Yeah I have.

Yes I do.

Hahahha totally depends.

HECK YES. I love my burt :)

Jessica will be going to Anatomy, and studying. Jenni will be saying goodbye to Dallin and Lorielle.

haha I can but probably not the proper way.

Yes sir/ma'am

I have not.

Ummm why on earth is the BDAC closed possibly?

Ummm oh goodness... I have no idea...

I don't like either. I like men haha ;)

There is no such thing as a bus here at USU Eastern

DEAD Straight

Ummm don't really wanna talk about it thanks :)


Not too much. It depends.

Ummm yeah most likely.

haha totally have.

Fall :) I LOVE FALL :)

Used to be Brown... starting to become a dark gray and light pink :)

It depends on the situation but yeah sometimes.

Eww no.

HAHAHA well... if you really must know... Probably Cortland

Nope I do not.

63. Where was your facebook default picture taken at?
On stage for the Spring Images dance concert :)

I dunno probably not...

I do :) It's a pretty great life.

Depends. At least everyday it seems like now.

Pink Flamingo :) :) :) :)

Gas for my car.

Perfect :)

Yup sure can

I can forgive. Yes. Will I ever get with them probably not.

Yeah I do.

Yes I can :)

PJ bottoms and a USU Eastern shirt.

hahahaha yes I have :)

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