Friday, November 26, 2010

Tangled :)

So over this Thanksgiving Day weekend home in Vegas :) Jenni and I decided to go see a movie. I still have yet to see Harry Potter and I did want to see that this weekend. So my whole plan was to go see that with Jenni. Turns out that the day she saw it was on Thanksgiving with her family and I really didn't want to miss out on that time with my family so I declined and we both decided that we would go see a movie tomorrow. So here is the day and we both decided since she saw Harry Potter the day before, that we would watch Tangled. It looked like a super cute movie and I had already wanted to see it so we said why not. :)
I have to say that this movie was super duper cute and is completely worth seeing. I was kinda sketchy about seeing it and just waiting for it to be like every other Disney movie. But it was so cute and had a good story about dreams and such :) lol but I really really really enjoyed it. And now I really really really want the soundtrack. haha the music was good too :)
Totally recommend seeing it :)

I really like this song in the movie :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Boyce Avenue

Okay can I just admit my obsession with Boyce Avenue. I think my roommate Jessica is so sick of me listening to them, but what can I say they are ridiculously amazing!
So if you know me you know that you can basically take any song and make it an acoustic version with an airy mans voice and I am in heaven! Honestly like John Mayer, Matt Nathanson, and Joshua Radin. Nobody knows Joshua Radin but he will be my future husband someday... okay so not really but a girl could only dream right :)
So since I have recently discovered Boyce Avenue I have listened to most of the songs... which are mostly covers but they really are amazing :) I like them :)
So that is my recommendation to all of those who love them acoustic songs :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

In Love...

I am officially in LOVE with this song. I did like it when Katy Perry sung it but now I love it. I love the word changes, I love how it's acoustic, I love how he sings, and basically I love everything about this! Amazing!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Being an Ambassador

So my title starts off as this because I am doing ambassador work right now... or at least I'm supposed to. I kinda took a break :) but let me tell you about being an ambassador. I went into this thinking ya you know it'll be some work but I can handle it and I can, but I will tell you what I had no idea how much work comes into being an ambassador here at CEU. For the past two weeks I have been practically gone due to College Fairs in Las Vegas, High School Tours for Beaver and Cedar City, and Eagle Experiences which are every Friday this month except for the week fo Thanksgiving. So is ambassadors running my life right now... I answer yes. I have missed a lot of school because of it which means I now have to make up a lot of work. Now I may sound like I am complaining a lot about it, but in reality I think this is the most wonderful and life fullfiilling experience I have had.
Being an ambassador doesn't just mean going to different high schools and having kids come by the school to just show them what CEU is all about. I have had to be put in one of the most time consuming jobs in ambassadors that has taught me about being responsible, putting others first, putting my foot down when people take advantage, being organized, and reaching beyond what I thought I could possibly reach.
I have learned so much this year not only just because of the classes I have taken, but I have learned more about how I work and how I react to stressful situations. I have learned to take charge and make people listen. I have learned to reach out to others and to be enthusiastic to those who need it. I have learned to be a friend and a guidance to those that need me. I have learned oh so much about who I am and who I want to be just from joining the ambassador program. I wouldn't dare not tell anyone about this school and what it does for people. How much the school and these programs such as the ambassadors does for its' students. I can honestly say that I love CEU and being apart of the Ambassador program makes it even better :)