Sunday, August 14, 2011

Looking forward to...

Well let me start off by saying how crazy things have been lately and what I mean by lately is this whole freshman year of college. So many things have changed and I feel that I have really grown as a person.
I can definitely say that I am not the same person that left Las Vegas a year ago almost to date. I have learned to live without some of the things that I have been so used to in my life. I have grown as a person and I have also grown in the gospel. Being here I have really realized that at any time I really could have dropped out and not gone to church. No one was forcing me to go. No one would yell at me to tell me to get out of bed to be there at 9:00, but I have wanted to be here and be part of the gospel. I think for me this realization came and made me so grateful to know the gospel to know the church and to know that that is where I belong.

Now back to the original reason I was writing this. I have just had so many things to look forward to. And I think this might be better as a list.
-  Going to Lake Powell this weekend: As ambassadors we are taking a retreat to the lake and we get to have all of our teaching stuff there. Yes I am excited :) :)
- Moving in to my apartment. Yes an apartment not a dorm. I am so excited. :) It is a way cute small place one bedroom with bathroom, living room, and kitchen. And my serious favorite part :) We have a balcony :) I can only imagine how wonderful it will be :)
- Having school start. I am beyond ready for school to start. I can't wait for my classes and everything else I am beyond excited.
- For my dance job to start. I haven't officially announced this at all yet, but I got another job as a dance teacher :) It isn't a full time job honestly but it is a step towards what I want to do for the future. I get to choreograph competition girls from the ages of 5 to 16. I think this is really important and I can't wait to start choreographing.
- To cook. I know this may sound beyond weird, but I have not cooked in what feels like YEARS! And I know I could cook here and stuff but I would just feel so much better and more comfortable cooking in my own kitchen and cooking with food that I bought. Does that make any sense?
- I can't wait for dance to start. I have missed working out and loosing weight. I lost more weight in college than anything else. Its not that I want to dance to loose weight, but I honestly just miss dancing. I don't know if anyone could ever understand unless they were or are a dancer.
- Jessica to be my roommate. I can not wait for her to be my roommate again. I miss seeing her all the time and our late night talks where we just talk about everything and anything. Whenever we see each other we freak out and just laugh and smile. She's my best friend and I miss her.
-My brother's wedding. I can not wait :) I love Chantal and I can't wait for the day that she can join our family. Even though maybe she can ;)