Thursday, November 7, 2013

September 19, 2013

Hello my loved ones!

Gosh I feel like it has been the shortest week ever! Seriously and so many things have happened... Sorta. Sora Ralls and I are just extremely busy at the moment. For example today for our P-day we spent all day cleaning and packing since we are moving into our new apartment tomorrow! I'm super excited for that... We... or mostly I have JUST realized it takes about 4 days for our clothes to dry because the apartment is just super humid... So I think a new apartment will be really great :) I'm excited.

We went to Timisoara this week for zone training. AND I'M SUPER EXCITED FOR IT! We have two new key indicators passing out the Book of Mormon and contacting hours that we have had that week. Elder Davis also asked me to present something that I do when I contact. And it's really simple. As I told you before I now TRY try is the keyword sometimes I forget but I go and contact with commandments. Now it's a little weird you may think. But Romanians have basically all of the same commandments. Sabbath day holy, prayer. scriptures... and so on. Those are mostly the ones I use in contacting but ya know wouldn't really contact and talk about Law of Chastity unless I was prompted of course!!!!! But I do a quick sps I ask them a question and I always have scriptures prepared for ever topic... we get good at contacting in this mission let me tell you.... and then I just bear testimony on it. I have never had it steer me wrong yet. It likes breaks down walls and lets you see that we are all human. Were not big fat weirdos I love it :)

We also went to go see one of our potentials Tamara. Gosh it went so well I can't even begin to explain. First Tamara is in the hospital and soo we went to the main hospital... well she wasn't there and we didn't know how to find her cause I just could not understand her on the phone... the pains of romanian phone calls... and so Sora Ralls and I just said a quick prayer that we would find someone that would help us figure out where she is and that we would get to her place. Well a guy popped up and he spoke English  hooray. He called Tamara and then guided us to the hospital. One of the most nicest guys I have met here honestly. And then he went over to that hospital to see her since she told him to over the phone. Were hoping he will come to English so that the Elders can teach him. He would be a strong priesthood holder seriously. Anyways we met with Tamara and there were about 5-6 other ladies in there and they were all willing to listen to our message. We didn't bring enough copies of the Book of Mormon  we had to come back the next day. It was so cool. It was like Heavenly Father guided us to a place that was just filled with prepared people. We got a few potentials that we are giong to try to meet with this week! I'm excited :) And we were able to see Tamara a few times. She's going to need a few lessons since I don't think she was ever fully taught by other missionaries... she is kinda confused on doctrine but no worries that's what we are here for right :)

Something that has been really cool as well is that I feel that everytime Sora Ralls and I have contacted we have had just a cool experience and I have a feeling that our English class is going to be really successful... or at least we will be able to meet with a few of our English students. I'm super excited. I love ARAD!

We also went to Oradea this week for our District Conference. One fun 2 1/2 hour train ride later were there in Oradea which has some of my favorite sisters there Sora Gerhartz and Sora Smith. And then I also just get to see my sweet Sabina from Cluj. I miss her so much!

I can not tell you how excited and happy I was at District Conference. I wanted to cry as the whole meeting was on being a light to others and to surrounding nations. Something that is really cool is that in the dedication of Romania it says that it will be and EXAMPLE a brighter LIGHT to surrounding nations and I have been praying for that to happen. President Jembosu... don't think that's how you spell it but oh well... started off his talk about the changes that are happening. They are now incorporating Seminary and I mean EARLY MORNING SEMINARY! They are also creating facebook pages where they will be able to share spiritual messages with friends and family and they encouraged everyone to join and use this to share the gospel. To show others all over Romania that we are normal people. That have the true church! Gosh I was so excited and I just wanted to leap for joy I was so happy. You have no idea! I'm grateful for those members that do missionary work and bring there friends to the knowledge that we have.

Other than that we have had a few other lessons one with an inactive and she is so great and it went really well. We are going to be talking to her about the importance of church on Sundays this week so we will see how that goes. She has the most beautiful children seriously! Praying that this week will be a busy one filled with fun contacting activites and lessons.

So grateful to be here on a mission. I can not tell you how grateful I am. Greatest thing I have ever done ever. :)

And Sora Ralls gosh I'm gonna talk about her a little cause she is so great. She makes me laugh everyday. Most of the time we just laugh all day :) Love it. She is a fanatic about ketchup she eats it with everything she has a little bottle of ketchup that she will bring with her if she knows we are going out to eat. It's super funny. She's also super funny with plugs and carbon monoxide. Like we check the plugs 3 times before we leave the apartment and almost everynight we set off the detector to make sure it works. (Sometimes it's on accident) I'll tell you what I will not be dying around Sora Ralls that's for sure :) She's really great though and we have such a great time together. She is one of the most loving companions that I have ever had! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!!!! She's a great companion and friend :)

I think that's about it! Keep the work going!
Love you all!
Sora Stewart

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