Monday, November 18, 2013

October 21, 2013

Hello from Constanta!

I hope you have all had a wonderful fabulous week full of excitement. Just as I have... if I can remember most of it. You see this is why it's important for us to all have journals. Well as you know I was transfered to second transfer train Sora Newell in Constanta. I literally left from one part of the country to the other. It has been great and extremely busy so far. 


I'll start off a bit of how we left Arad. It was a huge surprise for Sora Ralls and I that I was getting transfered. So after packing and cleaning. Just preparing for the new 6 weeks we decided to go visit a member. A fantastic member I may add named Sora Birou. Gosh she is FANTASTIC. So we go over to her house, and I really wanted to visit her at the start, so I was super glad that I got to at least end it visiting her. We walk into her house and she just made a ton of food for us. I found out that she actually works at a restaurant which explained why the food was so good! But we asked her how she found the missionaries. And she tells us that they found her BLOCK KNOCKING! She welcomed them in and they just began to teach her. They taught her and taught her she used to be a smoker and finally they took her cigarettes away from her and she never looked back. (Obviously the shortened version of her story) It just made me think of how there are people like her all the time there are. Gosh and they are just as FANTASTIC! I WILL find these people. I promise you that.


Well later on we went down to Buch got washed up and ate some subway. Love Subway now... is that weird? Anyways. Later on that night met up with Sora Newell after some meetings and headed down to Constanta later that night. 


First I have to say. I love Sora Newell. She is so great and so funny. She loves to tell stories, cook, laugh, and she thinks I am funny. Come on now who doesn't love that. She is such a hard working missionary though and she is a BEAST when it comes down to the language. Seriously. I am having to study so much more grammar and everything because she is SO GOOD! There are no lies. She just came pre-trained in this mission. 

We had a baptism this week. Sora Newell and Sora Cook had taught her and then her baptism was this Saturday. So it was a busy week of calling, preparing, and setting everything up. We ended up singing at the Baptism and it looks like I will probably be playing piano in sacrament... don't know if I can slide by that one. But we will see. Now that Sora Newell put us all together singing she wants to do it all the time. It's so cute! :) The baptism was absolutely beautiful. Went by so smoothly and it was just great. Spirit was there and I just love how they glow. They really do. I've discovered that I need to look more into  people's eyes. It really shows a lot. :) 


But now. Sora Newell and I are taking this transfer and are going to change this mission with OPTIMISM! I don't want to hear that things are hard... even if they may be. I want things to change. This is the work of the Lord and things will happen when he wants them to happen. I know that. I know that. So Sora Newell and I made some great goals with plans to contact every day since we don't ahve any investigators at this point. But that's okay. We will have some :) And it'll be FANTASTIC! 


I am so excited to hear about everything that is happening back home. Tell Elder Golden thanks for me. I'm glad that our ward gets to be apart of such miracles and have great Elders that work their hearts out. I am so grateful that things are changing. I'm grateful for that knowledge. 

Super excited to hear that I am going to have a NIECE!!!!!!!! Hello did I not call it. Seriously it's the missionary power :) haha. I am super excited for the two of you. Also Spence :) Love you. It gets easier you made it to Sunday :) Super proud of you little bro. 


I love you all so much! There are miracles that are going to happen here in Constanta. I promise you that.



Sora Stewart

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