Thursday, November 7, 2013

September 23, 2013

Well goodmorning... afternoon for those are on this side of the world with me!

Well this week... was good... and stressful. I think I told you in the last letter that we were moving apartments. There is a dang good reason why missionaries do not change apartments very often. And I think I would have been fine living in that apartment if it wasn't for how sketchy the location was... and okay I can't really handle how many cochroaches I have killed. Yes everyone be shocked because I have killed at least 2 of them a day. Good thing I found myself some permetherin :) Heavenly Father loves me :)

Anyways we were supposed to move last Tuesday but things weren't finished and so we had to continue to pack and clean... and let me tell you that balcony... and the really scary closet in the kitchen I didn't even want to touch... It was soo SCARY! What's fun though is that a lot of sisters and I mean that the past four years we have had this apartment sisters that go home leave a lot of their clothes. So Sora Ralls and I just packed up all the clothes and shoes and everything else that we didn't just want to throw away (there were some super nice clothes in there just fyi) and we took it down by the trash... and then ran upstairs. And waited and waited probably 5 to 10 minutes and then watched some people come by and tear up the bags and all the stuff was gone within 30 minutes. Great huh? But then was most of our week. Cleaning... packing... cleaning... packing... cleaning... packing. And then we found out great news that we were going to move in on Saturday! Which success story we did and I LOVE our new apartment. It's so clean... really cold but SO CLEAN! It's so great.

We did have a few success stories though this week. Sora Ralls and I as we were cleaning and packing found a bunch of old English things. With peoples name, number, email, if they had already taken English classes before, and if they were interested in knowing more about the church. We had no idea how old these papers were but we decided to go and email all of them. English here is where we get about 50 of our baptisms so I know there is success out of them! I do know that. Now we didn't know if it was going to be succesful or what was going to happen. But we said hey what the heck why not? So we emailed them. And what do you know but two of them show up on Tuesday. The cutest ladies ever. They seriously are so darling. They even just emailed me and said that they wouldn't be able to come tomorrow but they wish us a great week. Seriously so cute. I love just seeing little steps of people just coming to the church or just talking to us. Or just telling us that they are so impressed with how devoted we are already to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ but then we are so young. It's great.

We also taught Anca this week. The week before we talked to her a little bit about the purpose of this life to be happy and be with families. If there is anything you should know about her is that she loves her family. She talks about her family tot timpul! She had just had a baby about 2 years ago and she just talks about her little sweet Maria and her husband and her mom and just everything. It is so adorable. So this week we decided to talk to her about the plan of salvation. We are trying to get her to be more comfortable with us and talk since she mostly is there for English but gosh I wish you all could just meet her and see how powerful she is already. So we start off about how we lived with Heavenly Father before this life and then we talked about the atonement. We asked her how she felt about these things and she looked us and said ya know everyone always says where we are going after this life but nobody can explain what happened before this life. She was so intrigued and my heart was just jumping around because I was so excited to see that she was getting it. That she was understanding. Little seeds here and there that could change everything. We are meeting with her again this week and I can't wait!!!!!!!

This week was also Sora Ralls birthday! LA MULTI ANI! Have I told you how much I love my companion? She makes me laugh everyday... seriously EVERYDAY! Even when we are stressed up to our eyeballs cause of the dang apartment! So we both decided that day that we weren't going to be in the apartment at all... we were getting a little bit glumy being in there packing... and cleaning... packing... cleaning... la fel. So we just decided we were going to go contacting all that day. We had a great District Meeting we got to see our new apartment which is beautiful, the AP's were down and there was this little station in centru in front of the government building where they were advertising charities. They were offering free adoption for dogs! I ALMOST CALLED PRESIDENT AND ASKED IF I COULD KEEP ONE THEY WERE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! Dang rules. Anyways we help our with this charity called Casa de Copii. So we were all over there and all the Elders except Crisenti got their faces painted. They all wanted to be lamanitii... how do you spell that... anyways you can tell that Romanians have never seen an Indian before since most of them had beards. Quite a funny thing that was. Then we went chalk contacting and we saw a high speed chase it was crazy. I love chalk contacting. Were going to continue doing that this week. Sora Ralls and I might be the only ones to draw it though. You don't ask the elders to draw that's something I learned... You can tell what I mean when you see the spirit prison drawing. :) It was just such a great day and we met some nice people. We also got a referal that day and now we are meeting with her next week!

Were still trying to meet with Tamara... she was supposed to have surgery and we just were never able to get ahold of her last week. But we are going to meet with her tonight and talk about the restoration. :) It'll be great!

I think that's about it. Some great things are going to happen this upcoming week and just so you know you might not receive an email until next wednesday. We have zone conference on Monday and then exchanges with the STL ( I GET TO GO WITH MY SORA LUND AGAIN!!!!!!) on Tuesday. So Wednesday will be p-day!

So excited to hear all about the things going on back home. Wow is Spence really leaving??? THIS SOON! I HAD TO WAIT 5 MONTHS! This is ridiculous. If he sees any nametags that say Sora tell them I say hello! Or any nametags that have Isus Hristos those are the next people coming in!

Oh I recieved this from Sora Hill last week Mom you might want to know??

"I knew I could get your attention with that! We think Christmas zone conferences this year will be held early in December. This means Christmas packages from home must be here early so we can bring them around to you then. Please tell your family Christmas packages need to arrive early-before American Thanksgiving (November 28) to ensure you’ll get them in time. They should be mailed as much as 6 weeks before that. If you miss your package at zone conferences, you’ll miss it until January transfers. Just ask your family to write “Do Not Open Before Christmas” on it! Tell them if they do, you’ll be exactly obedient!" These are her words :)

LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! I hope you all start to feel better. Hey and just so you all know. Chantal and Matt are so having a girl :) That's my guess!

Cu Drag,
Sora Stewart

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