Monday, November 18, 2013

Sora Newell and Me

The Black Sea

So this is a bazin... totally spelled that wrong. That we have to fill up for baptisms. We just have the Elders put it together :)

Rita's baptism with the Constanta branch. So beautiful. Sora Cook who had just finished her mission came with her parents. :) 

So we went contacting at the City Park. Great park just fyi. And there were SWANS in it. It was so cool. 

This is Sora Newell. Hahaha I try to take at least one picture a day. And I felt bad so she went and snapped this beauty for me :) hehehe :)

this is the view from our Apartment. Sometimes I literally have a hard time concentrating cause I just stare at the water. :) 

This is cute little Eva. Gosh she is a DOLL! And Mihai. For the Halloween party. They were twirling and spining in circles. HAHA they are so cute!

And so for the party I was Sora Newell :) and she was Sora Stewart. We may have now confused the whole branch with our names ;)

I'm not sure if Sora Newell putting a witch hat on made out of trash bags wearing my name tag is a good thing or not... was she trying to say something... haha joking. 

Seriously SHE IS A DOLL!

Haha... oh this is Mihai. He is the biggest schmeker I have ever met but he is a great member of the church. He is in the branch presidency. haha.

Some of the branch members Alin Constintinescu the branch president is the one with his hand in the air.

We had ping pong tournament... obviously I did not play...

Haha We had to keep watch of Eva since she kept trying to jump off the couch and she backed up her butt into Sora Newells face. Caught that in action :) haha I'm such a great companion. ;)

Alin Constintinescu is kinda the life of the party seriously. haha

So awesome pictures ahead. Elder Lybbert from Canada is an AMAZING yo-yoish... hope that's a word. But seriously it's pretty insane all the tricks he can do!

Pictures just don't do justice. 

Seriously I love Sora Newell. I may beg President to keep us together. I've been thinking of it honestly!

Ha This is the Constintinescu family. Or their attempt to get a family picture. Alin is always the center of attention.

So something about Romania they are kinda really good at plagerizing. That one day I remember I saw a wedding planner agency and they had the San Diego temple in one of their pictures... haha so yeah. So we found this one in the Mall to have it not be completely stealing they spelled States wrong. Oh goodness.

Sora Newell on our way to church found this cat stuck in a tree that she wanted to save. It was hillarious! The cat literally crawled down bear hugging the tree. One of the funniest things I have ever seen :) 

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