Friday, November 8, 2013

Arad... gosh it's just super pretty I love it.

SOra Ralls and me waiting at the tram vai stop

And someone (a kidnapper) stole Elder Davis's marker and sent this to me today. Don't know what happened :) He he he he

Yeah I don't think Romanians know what Indians are. They all have facial hair!

Oh poor Elder Davis. I think they went a little overboard. But these are the elders that were here for Sora Ralls Birthday

Chalking! Plan of Salvation. Yeah the Elders are no longer allowed to draw

Hooray for Casa de Copii. The lady that was in charge of it said that they would be on their facebook website. Check it out maybe?

Elder Brundage still as an indian contacting with Elder Crisenti

We have a really great district. Happy birthday to sister ralls!

Happy Birthday Sora Ralls! They gave her the birthday tie. Super cute

And this is me just making a phone call on the tram

HOORAY OUR APARTMENT IS DONE!!!!!! Let's finally celebrate!

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