Thursday, November 7, 2013

September 9, 2013

I'm in Arad!

It's super great I love it already. I kinda miss Buch but then I don't at the same time. The people on the western side of Romania just don't talk as fast and they aren't all super busy all the time. I don't know I just love the west side. And Arad is pretty dang pretty :) I love it already.

As well as my new companion Sora Ralls. Gosh we just have so much fun all the time and she is a super diligent missionary we have the best conversations! I absolutely love her and we are going to kick some butt here.

Arad is definitely the smallest area I have served in so far I feel like it is super super small compared to Cluj and then super super super super super small compared to Bucharest. They also say Ciao here which is super weird for me. The west definitely has there little quarks when it comes with the language. Just little different accents and ways to say things. And I mean everyone says Ciao here. I gotta get used to it cause I still say pa and they look at me funny. Arad also has a ton of gypsies. And I mean a ton I thought Buch had a lot but nope they don't.  I think we may go into a gypsy village this week but we will see. If I do... Definitely taking pictures ;) Glumesc.

Things are just really great so far. I do miss Buch or mostly I miss my companion/s. I kinda balled when Sora Letinu left she is just so great and so funny. I really loved her and she helped me so much she has no idea! Also with Sora Stapley and Sora Gerhartz it's kinda weird just being back into a 2 some but Sora Ralls is super great. She went to BYUI and she actually knows Raquel! Haha super weird right? Actually she was roommates with Raquels cousin Taylor. This world is so small. And one of the elders in our district Elder Davis I met on the church history tour. Life is so weird honestly!

Teaching has been a bit of a struggle this week though as the week before Sora Ralls told me they basically got dropped by all their investigators. We still have a few potentials but we are basically starting over which means a lot of contacting. I'm actually kinda excited to start contacting. Not absolutely loving contacting yet but I like it more then I used to. We actually had a funny experience we just had about an hour to contact before we had to be somewhere and so we go to this really really pretty part that has these huge fountains in it and I just told her, "Kay let's pray." So I just start praying as we walk and we just asked for inspiration to know who to talk to. So we just keep walking and then there was this lady on the bench and I asked if Sora Ralls felt anything. And just like that we start walking up to her and she starts talking to us and tells us to sit down. It was really cool. She's a little weird but we were able to talk about religion and we were able to share a verse about prayer :) Which she thought was beautiful. She wouldn't give us her number but we are hoping to go to the park and see her again she says she is always there.

 We are really trying to focus on contacting and Elder Davis asked me to present something that I do as contacting... contacting with a statement about the commandments. Like Prayer, Obedience, Scriptures and all those things. So we will see how that goes!

We also had an idea of making like a scavenger sheet of different fun people we have to contact :) It'll be great and the more we contact the easier it gets :)

Something that I am really discovering these last few weeks though is the dedicatory prayer. I have been reading that a lot lately and it's just so interesting to me to see how the gospel will be preached to these people and how "It will reveal itself in Love" I swear if one thing Heavenly Father wants me to learn it is about love. I really don't think I understood what Charity or Love meant before my mission at all. And everything that I have been learning it just keeps coming back to love. Love the people... love missionary work... see people like Christ would... love yourself... love your companion... love your mission. Just love. It's just really cool. Seriously. Study love it's amazing!!!

I'm super excited for this upcoming week as well we have quite a few lessons planned as well as some great contacting it's going to be great! We have a really good district as well :) I'm super excited what things we will be able to accomplish here. Everything is just great.

Oh yeah we are actually changing apartments as well....  this apartment we are living in well.... there is mold.. a lot of it....  and the ceiling is falling apart... and well there are some people that live below that we can say are not being very virtuous so we are changing apartments in about a week! SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THAT!

Kay I think that's about all!


Sora Stewart

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