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August 26, 2013

Hey there,

Everytime there is a P-day and I open my email I feel an overwhelming sense of love and comfort. Even though P-day's are always just super hectic I really do love them! Mostly for letters and emails :)

Anyways.... I don't even know where to start... there is so much news to discuss from what I have read and I don't really have as much exciting news then you have shared with me!

Wow gosh Chantal and Matt congrats!!!! I AM SO EXCITED! When I read that I might have squealed a bit! I'm super super super excited! An email doesn't really contain how excited I am. I may have just told everyone that is in our little Internet cafe! :) Can I be Aunt Jen? Instead of Aunt Jenna? I think that would be more fun :)

Mom your name will still be Mar Mar ;) That's how you will always be known.

And oh my heck so many things with missions! Seriously it's super crazy I am super excited. Gosh 6 weeks... holy cow I had 5 months I wish I would have gone into the MTC sooner though. I am super excited for you! Just remember on the first day your at the MTC breathe :) haha and get through Sunday. Everything will start to make a little more sense :) And my mission president also says CONGRATS! He knows quite a few people there and has set up some organization over there for RM to set up there own business. Just so you know President Hill was over the business thingy at BYU so he's all about that.

Anyways this week we started to work more on setting up things for the North Bucharest Group. So we have been trying to contact some less actives and after making phone calls with the list we have for a while... mostly because we have about 4 different list that all have different information... we were able to have a few less active visits and invite them to the group that isn't super far away from them.

We were also able to set up about 3 lessons... and then they all bunged us. I was pretty upset. About two weeks ago we were running home to get some supplies and then head out to Herastro park and go contacting with some of the Elders in our district. There was this lady in front of us and she was carrying an extremely heavy bag. I could just tell because she had to stop every 10 steps and breathe and switch hands. Now we were in a hurry but I had prayed that day that Heavenly Father would be inspired to tell me who I should contact. That's something I feel like I struggle with a lot. Is contacting with the spirit. I know that when we have lessons I can feel the spirit. And really through out most of the day after studies I can feel the spirit and can feel like I am guided by the spirit. But with contacting I struggle really knowing who to go and talk to and what to say and all those things. Just something I am working on. And so that day I had prayed to have the spirit guide me with opportunities to talk to people and know what to say and do. So I kinda had to stop myself from being that on time person all the time and ignoring promptings and opportunities. So I went over to her and asked her if we could help her. (Most of the time I have asked if someone needs help they say no) Her eyes opened up and she just gasped and said yes. So sora Letinu and I helped her carry her bags to her house and we later asked for her number and she said yes. We called her this week and she said we could come over but then last moment she had to go la tara with her family. I was so devastated. But i am hoping that we will be able to meet with her this week. Praying seriously praying.

We did a lot of contacting this week and this time no horrible experiences happened hooray! No huge success or lessons. But we keep going. Were still out here. We actually went power contacting this week with the other surori in our district (Sora G and Sora Stapley) We went to the izvor park and it was just an exhausting day and we were about to turn in and you should have seen us all of us I think had been bunged that day and so we were just so down in the dumps sitting in the metro. So Sora Stapley looks at all of us and says hey lets go one more stop and start contacting before it gets dark. Now I will be honest that is the last thing I wanted to do. But we ended up going and it was good. Sora Letinu and I met this family from Italy. And they were so amazing but unfortunately were returning back to Italy the next day and so we gave them a card and told them about the church in Italy they lived pretty close to Milan. I wished that another Sora was with us that speaks Italian that would have been super cool. And I also met a girl that lives just a little outside of Cluj. And I was super super super super super excited because HELLO I LIVED IN CLUJ for 4 months! It was so interesting because we were just walking and like I said I am trying to focus on contacting with the spirit in contacting and I just felt like we were pulled to her and I dragged Sora Letinu and said hey lets go up to her. She was just so adorable and said that she had actually been to the church in Cluj but just wasn't ready to progress. She has the address of the church and our number and I am hoping that she will call or show up or something since she wasn't THAT willing to give us her number. :( Din pacate. Ce sa fac?


We also taught English this week and there is this sweet lady named Maria that comes to our class and she really is just darling. And I asked her if we could call her and talk to her and she said yeah. She said she was really busy but she would like to so we are going to give her a shot this week.

I am also going to be going on exchanges this week with Sora Stapley and with Sora Gerhartz. I will have an exchange with Sora Stapley on Thursday and then with Sora Gerhartz on Friday. I am super excited because these sisters are so great. Sora Stapley is such a great contacter and whenever she does contacting she just does it with such power and you can tell she is influenced by the spirit. And Sora Gerhartz is so willing. She has such a desire to be a great sister and to learn and to grow and I have learned so much from her already! I am super excited.

I feel like you all had way more information for me than I had for you. But this is just how missionary is sometimes. We are still working hard though and we really are striving to get in more of these lessons. We will be working to try and find these less actives in Northern Bucharest which means I carry a map around with me because streets are crazy here. It's not a grid... it's like a bunch of circles... It's crazy.

Anyways I love you all. And I am so excited for everything that is going on back home! What great things are taking place and I am so excited to hear about how great the Elders are doing back home. Tell them to be grateful for every lesson they have ;) JK but really :)

Love you all!

Sora Stewart


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