Monday, August 19, 2013

Yeah we are a little thug in our gross probably never washed jumpsuits. 

And that's a little what the course was like. :)

pretty sure this is Elder Ormsby who later ran out there with just a mask and started screaming "I'm a bunny!" hahaha it was pretty funny. Because us sisters had no idea what he was doing as he just started running around the course everywhere. But quite a few elders followed him out there and started shooting. :) Great game. haha.

This is Sora Gerhartz poor bruise. She had one on her upper thigh that looked the same too. :( looks a lot worse in person.

This is my companion Sora Letinu! She had no idea that I was taking a picture of her :) 

We look up a lot of words in the dictionary. haha.

This is just a usual day of Sora Gerhartz. Haha she is the comedian in the group if you couldn't tell.

Sora Stapley loves Metro surfing. Where we just stand there and try not to fall over. :) This was today before we played basketball.

Off to church. In front of our block :)

They have called Sora Gerhartz the dictator of our district. Haha only because she has been in this area for 6 transfers. This picture explains it all though. 

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