Monday, August 19, 2013

AUGUST 19, 2013

Hello again!

I honestly feel like P-days come to fast. And P-days are the busiest days ever! Today we are going over to the Mihai Bravo chapel to go play Volleyball and go to Subway. Oh by the way mom and dad I eat a rosii everyday! I hope your happy. I still hate them.... I like them cooked. Still hate them raw. I am trying to make myself like them though. :) You should be proud.

Oricum. I think P-days are so hard here because Buch is so large. So going anywhere or doing anything takes like an hour to get there. That's my only complaint and I only don't like it on P-days. The rest of the time I love it.

I really love Bucharest. I love trying to figure out all of the bus lines and tram vis... I don't know how to spell that. and the metros. Gosh it's so much fun. I love figuring out how the city connects. Especially since Buch is super super super compacted. I mean imagine those track houses back home but then they are all stacked on top of each other... it's crazy. But it's so much fun :)

Well Sora Letinu and I since we are a new companionship in Panduri... I don't know if they have ever had 4 sisters in Panduri before... so we are basically starting from scratch. Okay yeah we are starting from scratch it's like we opened a new section of Panduri it's crazy! Oricum because we are starting from scratch we have no investigators. So this week we have contacted... a bunch. And good news is that I don't hate it as much as I ususally do! :) Cause usually... I hate it a lot... and when I say a lot I mean A LOT!  Oricum. We have just really been trying to build our area and try to obtain investigators. It's also kinda hard at this point and time because right now everybody is out of town... mostly in constanta. But we can't meet with anybody because they are all gone. But Sora Letinu have just continued to press onward and contact and contact until the blisters on her feet just couldn't take it anymore. (She really does have blisters, they make me sad)

OH MY GOSH!!! I FORGOT TO TELL YA'LL! SHE GOT HER MISSION CALL! She is going to the BARCELONA SPAIN MISSION! It's exactly where she wanted to go! Dad I know your super jealous. You can go visit her if you want though. She thinks it's super cool that you went to Mexico and she has a mexican accent it's funny. She is super excited about it though. It was cute her brother called her and opened it for her and she just said the word Barcelona spain... or spania cause that's how you say it in Romanian. But she was just jumping around and screaming it was super cute. And she leaves in the middle of November. So when she gets home she will have about 2 months! I'll tell you what by the end of these next two weeks she will be such a prepared missionary... and a PRO contacter I'll tell you that! :)

Sorry back to us contacting. We have had some success and then I had a really bad experience where basically this lady offended every fiber of my being. And she told me that Las Vegas is Sodom and Gomorah. It was sad :( I didn't like that. She also called me a gypsy... which is really bad... but then she though Sora Letinu was from Alaska... and she looked like she lived in an Igloo. It was so dumb.... and funny. It's okay though she was a little bit crazy... she said she believed that Christ didn't exist and that Satan created the world... but God created Satan so we were all just evil... It was interesting... and really funny and really really really offensive. It's a good thing I'm a Stewart and those things really just roll off my back. :)

After so much contacting though and I am not kidding when I say that all we did was contacting for a week. We went to church Sunday. And I was a little discouraged... because the lessons we did try to set up all bunged us... and it was really disheartening. So I had prayed that week as we had worked hard and as we had come home everyday just absolutely exhausted that Heavenly Father would give us a person to teach. Just one person. So Sunday came and Sora Gerhartz later mouths to me that a lady just walked into church that wasn't a member and hadn't been here before. And of course I about just book it over there to talk to her. Her name is Stefania and she has gone to church before but I believe it was in the states. But as we were talking she just goes do you just want my number and we can just sit down and talk about these things! GOSH I WAS SO EXCITED! It was just such a surprise and a miracle to me of what Heavenly Father puts in my path. We are going to meet up with her this week and I am so so so so so so excited! And even though we didn't contact her and we haven't gotten a lesson out of those we contacted it just shows me that Heavenly Father listens to my prayers and he answers them... just not in ways that I may expect. :) I love being a missionary and just witnessing how Heavenly Father works with His children and how He loves us so :)

Sora Letinu this week are also going to be working a lot on less active work in the North Buch area. They are opening another section of group because it's harder for people in North Buch to travel down south which is where both chapels are here. So they are opening up a group and its going to be in a members home. So Sora Letinu and I are going to go visit the sisters and a few families to invite them and let them know what is going on. Bucharest is really really close to having a stake! ISN'T THAT EXCITING! So Fratele Doru... could be spelling his name wrong... really really wants to reactivate the members in North Buch since there are a ton that are inactive. We hope this works :) We know the work can progress here so much better and faster. I'm really just excited to be a part of that work! SUPER SUPER SUPER GRATEFUL :)


I have been looking forward to that email so much and I'll admit that my tears watered up a little bit and my heart just leaped as I heard where you were going. I had a dream last night that you went to China.... it was weird. And then I had a dream that you came here to Romania/Moldova but you were Russian speaking so you were only in Moldova. It was also weird. But super exciting. HAHA. I am super super super super super excited for you though! (yes I know I use super a lot thanks!) I am so excited for all the cool experiences that you will have and to learn a new language... Weird... Matt-spanish. Eu-Romanian Spencer- whatever the heck your speaking in the philipeans... Emily! YOUR NEXT :) haha just kidding you have a while!

I am just tickled pink though that I am hearing about the ward fasting for missionary work. The branch did that in Cluj and then my investigator Sabina was baptized that transfer. Fasting does bring miracles! I love hearing how our ward is just getting so involved with missionary work. What's something super interesting... is I don't really remember what I was doing... I was in my personal study and The Book of Mormon answers the questions of the soul ya know and I was looking up how are you happy in this life. And every answer that I found had to do with Service. Serving your fellow men serving your family, just service. And what greater way of service is there then bringing souls to know about our Savior Jesus Christ and about their Loving Father in Heaven. If you don't believe me just read Alma 26!

I think that's all for the week. :) I love you all so much and I love recieving your emails! Your all just so great! :)

Here's to another great week!

Sora Stewart

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