Saturday, November 9, 2013

I like to take random candid pictures of Sora Ralls and people

And these are some cool stairs we found close to our internet place.

Our elders... oh gosh... there a bunch of weirdos. This is us watching GENERAL CONFERENCE.

This is a random candy bar called. Black Man. Haha not racist at all huh? thought it was funny.

Elder Barclay WEARING a gypsy skirt with a bunch of kids in the mansion :) super funny.

Gosh Sora Ewell is leaving. She was my training. In the mission field she's my mom and Sora Gerhartz and I are her daughters this was her last transfer!

While we walked the hour to Lipova :) Walking on the highway :) Super fun.

Yeah Starting our hike up the mountain! Gotta work out more. New goal!

Dunno if I am ready for this long hike...

Well at least the view is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

I know you are all jealous and you all should be because it was so fun :) So fun!

It looked like it was out of a fairytale the town that is.

Sora Ralls and I.


WERE EXCITED... except for davis. Gosh that kid.

Pictures honestly just don't do it justice :)

Us sisters may have had a kind a trouble getting up these walls.
Thanks Elders :)

I made it to the top. :) HOORAY!

We can't really look into the sun so lets do a fake laugh to the side.

And as if the day weren't pretty or great enough we found TUC MILKA BARS! They are literally the greatest :) Mmmmm we have been searching for them everywhere :) They were so great

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