Monday, February 17, 2014

December 2, 1213

Hello all,
Well today we have had a busy busy P-day. We all decided to go out to the mall and do a bit of christmas shopping since we have zone conference this week. We do a tradition in this mission of sisters exchanging scarfs and elders exchanging ties. So mom if there is around a 25 dollar charge that was me. I also bought earmuffs because I AM FREEZING! There is some nasty wind that comes from the sea and it is cold let me tell you it is COLD! Okay I'm exaggerating. I'm from Vegas I like the warm what do you expect? Oh also I did get your package this last week. Thanks so much. It was a great work out and I'm sorry it was so expensive.... but again THANKYOU :) Can't wait for Christmas. :)

Well since it is the start of a new transfer and Sora Newell and I are staying together... THANK GOODNESS!! We needed a new motto since the last transfer was about optimism and we decided to choose," Lift up your head and rejoice. For you have great cause to rejoice." There is a part in the Book of Mormon where Alma after preaching to the people and being rejected turns back. An angel appears to him and says this, but the reason was not because he was a prophet or that he did a great job preaching, it wasn't because he was fantastic... bine inteles it's ALMA! No, the reason he had cause to rejoice is because he had kept the commandments of God. Sora Newell and I had both been trying to achieve perfection. Maybe this is just something that sister missionaries do but still. We decided that we need to rejoice and look to the things that we do right. That yes we are keeping the commandments and that yeah we have a lot of things to improve on but we are doing everything we can. So that is this theme. :) 

Well Sora Newell and I had lessons with two of our investigators... and then one of our new investigators dropped us... and that was hard. But Alina. Is doing FANTASTIC. We finished the plan of Salvation and we were able to discuss more about faith and repentance. She is still continuing to pray and ask if these things are true. We taught her more about how she can discover these things for herself. Then after one of our lessons we had a relief society activity and we set up the Christmas tree in the church. She is FANTASTIC! Seriously she stayed and helped and she talked to the other sisters. :) It was great. 

We also had an extremely joyous moment as well as a sad moment. Anca one of the sisters in our branch had been called to Canada and she had finally got her Visa. So we all met at the gara to say goodbye to her. It was such a sweet moment as she was a little nervous but excited and also a little sad to leave her family. It was so tender and made me choke up a bit as she was walking to the maxi taxi her mother comes and runs and gives her this huge hug and they are both just in tears. They are both the only members in their family. It was just so beautiful to see the sacrifices that both of them are making one to leave and the other to let her go. I'm so excited to see the work she will do in Canada and I know she will be super great. 

Our branch was small this week and so we were all together for Relief Society and Priesthood. Familia Constantinescu left for America along with the Vitel's because some of their family lives there. SO they will be there for a good 6 weeks. Basically our entire transfer. Sora Newell and I were sad because we will miss them and especially their darling daughter. EVA is so cute. Seriously so cute! 

We have plans to visit a few potentials this week and so we are really praying that it'll all work out. Pray for us. We really need some new investigators. We've got some plans for some serious Block Knocking this week. Wish us luck!

Family and Friends, I feel so blessed. I just want you to all know this. I am so blessed as I have been called by a prophet of God to serve this wonderful people. I am so blessed to have the family that I have. To have the support. Not a lot of missionaries get this and I just have to thank you for that support. I am so grateful that I get to serve with Sora Newell. She is sucha wonderful example to me. I know that this church is true. I don't think I say that enough, but I really do. I know that Christ is our Reedemer. He loves us. I know that God really knows us personally He awaits us every morning and night and sometimes... a lot of times through out the day so that He can talk to us. I know that God is loving, powerful, and forgiving. I ask all those that maybe are going through their hardships or who knows but to really get on your knees and plead to Him and wait just sit and wait because I know that He will answer and He will wrap you in a blanket of comfort and peace.

I love you all! So grateful so so so grateful.
Sora Stewart

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