Monday, February 17, 2014

January 13, 2014

Hello Family and Friends,
It's been so good this week. Busy but good. It started off busy. We had our regular P-day and then on Tuesday Sora Newell and I had a lesson with Alina. She was definitely said that Sora Newell was leaving but we told her how great Sora Letinu is so she should be okay. The lesson was really good and we are still trying to understand how we can help her keep commitments adica how to get her to church. It's so hard because she does live so far away. We also really wanted to just have her really read the scriptures and realize what she was reading. The spirit was definitely there and I am so grateful that we are promised the spirit when we teach. I kept having this thought of where peace comes from. So I just said it and I asked her how we feel peace in our lives. We were all able to go around and say how we each can obtain peace in our lives which went so well with what we were talking about. We literally went verse by verse and paused and asked questions to understand every part of what the scriptures were saying and by the end of the lesson she really just wanted to keep reading to see what would happen. We're hoping to meet with her this week she is sick with the flu, but I hope she is reading I pray that she is reading. 

Well after Sora Newell slowly started to pack all of her stuff. We also had to buy her new luggage and everything because one of her suitcases broke when she came here! Let's just say we had a lot of stuff to carry down our 4 flights of stairs the next morning. The taxi driver we had looked at me and said you guys aren't going on a trip are you. This is way too much stuff for just a vacation. Hahaha I about laughed and then had to explain why we are here and everything. Hooray for NORMAL PEOPLE CONTACTING!!!!!!!! :) So it was just Sora Newell, Elder Baielli, and me on a three hour maxi-taxi to Bucharest. 

Bucharest was good and normal. It was cold just waiting at the Gara for everyone to arrive and to take our trains back to our cities. I was kinda nervous again to be Sora Letinu to be honest. I mean I LOVE HER TO DEATH! And my transfer being her companion is literally one of my favorites. But this time it would just be me and her together all the time not any other sisters so I was a bit nervous plus it's 100 percent Romanian all the time. I had some major headaches the first couple of days but it has been so great! So great she is such a great companion and I ADORE HER! She is so cute and everyday she reads things and says," Oh gosh I have so much to improve on." She is just always trying to be better and conquer things that she was once fearful of. One of the biggest goals right now is to really help her loose weight. She needs to loose quite a bit to go on her mission and President asked me to really help her. Well... so I had to work. Literally have been working out so much that my body just hurts haha in a good way. Also changing eating habits. It's been so great though.

Sora Letinu had her very first lesson with our recent convert Elena and Andreea and it was so cool. I felt really prompted to have us talk about Prayer even though they both do it. Obviously there AMAZING! But so we both prepared and talked about different aspects of prayer and then I told them about my prayer journal how it really helps me prepare to pray, concentrate on what I am saying to Heavenly Father, and then how Heavenly Father talks to me. It was so cool and I just love it as they both just start to take notes. So cute. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! The spirit is just so strong I love the spirit. 

We also went contacting this week. Were trying to pass out as many English cards as we possibly can. Some of the greatest investigators we get is from English. So we hope that it'll be more successful this transfer. Not so much in finding potentials this last week but that's okay we have more time this week. :) Pray for us to obtain investigators that would be so great!!!!!

So something super crazy and funny that happened last night. Sora Letinu and I were changing our filters and we can not get this last one off. Literally it would not come off. I all of a sudden saw water just coming out onto the floor and so I just got a towel and put it town because I figured it's just water coming off of some of the water that was in the filter. NO it kept coming where we put more towels down and that was not sufficient!!!! So I go to see the problem and literally the pipe broke and completely soaked me we had a huge pool of water as I tried to hold the water from not leaking everywhere. Thankfully our district leader came over because I could not turn off the water it was stuck but he got it. Still had a huge puddle of water across our kitchen and I took a huge shower but our land lord called a plumber and he came this morning so crisis is now adverted :) Thank goodness. It was super funny after though but it was so crazy. The plumber told us that it was a really good thing we were home because the pipe was literally rusted through and it just broke so it would have been even worse if we weren't home. :) Haha it was too funny!

I think that's really all for this week!!!!!
Love you all!
Sora Stewart

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