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December 30, 2013

Hello Family and Friends,
Gosh I hope you all had such a great Christmas. It was really great here kinda crazy but just really great. It's kinda different not being surrounded around family members and just lounging around but I loved it. First I am super grateful for the members here in Constanta they have been so amazing. Honestly all the people, the members have just changed me.

Anyways, back to the week we met with Alina on Christmas Eve and she was so adorable. We had asked her to read in first Nephi about the tree of life and she did. Which was so great. But when we asked what she learned she really was honest and said I'm really not sure what any of this meant. Well, we didn't really expect to and that's why we were having a lesson on it. We went through all the different parts of the vision of where people had gone. And I drew pictures... because you know I'm a great drawer. hahaha. But we went through all the parts and then we asked where she felt she was on the vision. She paused and thought for a minute and was looking at the drawing... (Probably because it was a really bad drawing, I am no artist here) and then said," I think I am on the straight and narrow path... and that I am holding onto the rod." Obviously I agree since she is keeping commitments reading and so on. We want her to continue to progress though and so we asked for the 3rd time I think since we have been meeting with her for a baptism date. She was a little hesitant and then agreed! So Alina now has a baptism date for March 1st!!!!!!! I am so excited. I can't leave Constanta now! I have to be here!

Also on Christmas Eve and basically around the Christmas season we really want to be more connected to the branch so on Christmas Eve we went la tara and caroled to the Olteanu family. My goodness I adore them. They are such a strong family in the gospel and they just embrace us in their home every time. You can really feel it when love is taught in a home and it is definitely taught in their home. 
On Christmas we spent some of the day at the church we had breakfast together and Sora Newell skyped her mom and grandma that was there. It was so cool they were speaking a lot of German... I have a super talented companion sa stiti. After that we went over to Sora Ghiman's house and we just spent time with her. She was so cute because now she has a daughter on a mission and so when we asked her what else she was doing that day she just said," I am waiting for Anca to get on so I can talk to her." You know this branch has 3 missionaries out? So amazing. Sora Ghiman's mother who comes to church quite often but never really says anything was quite talkative and so funny. We go to their house and they have like a German Shepherd and Sora Ghiman's mom who is this cute little old lady just yells at this dog," STAI JOS! STAI JOS!" Oh my heck I thought I was going to pee my pants so funny. It was just a really good time over at there. After spending time with her and her cute family we had to go back and help the elders cook their dinner so they wouldn't burn down the villa. And that's how we spent our Christmas.
We tried to do some more contacting this week since we did a few member visits because it is Christmas, but we really need to be out there. We are still trying to find what is best to find people here to teach... honestly a lot of the blocks we walk past are almost completely dark and the ones that have lights on don't open. We were also told that we were weird because we were caroling and weren't kids haha that made me laugh. She was the only one that had opened her door in the entire block! We decided one day though as we went to centru to try and talk to people there that we would just say Hi to every single person that passed us... unless they were a weird creepy drunk guy. So we did we ended up walking all the way home which took a little bit over an hour and that was so much fun. There were some people that were so surprised that someone would say Hi to them that they stop and ask if they know us. We definitely still need to do a lot more contacting this week. We really need more potentials. So Block Knocking is going to happen this week. We are thinking... since we live right by the sea and centru is by the sea and that's generally where we contact because that's usually where people were but now... we arent' so sure so we are going to try and go as far away from the sea and block knock there. We think that people might be renting out those blocks that are close to the sea and beaches so they might just be empty during the winter... which would explain why most of the windows and doors are literally dark and empty. Wish us luck!!!!!!

We are meeting with two new potentials though from English. What's interesting though is that these two when we pass out our things if they want to know more they both put it blank and I think one put no, but after listening to our spiritual thoughts we gave them another sheet and they both put yes! So we are hoping for some mighty miracles this week. We called all of our potentials this week and a lot of them said that they want to meet up just not this week because of the new year. Praying that the new year will bring many people into the gospel! Really praying for this.

I love you all and I know the new year will bring even greater success into the gospel. How great is it that we have this beautiful truth in our lives! Gosh I really do just love that we have this great blessing and I love being a missionary so I can see that light just come into their lives. It really brings all the difference in the world! 
Cu drag,

Sora Stewart

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