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December 23, 2013

Well hey!
So probably... going to keep this short... or not. We'll see :) 
We had a pretty busy first part of the week. We had a lesson with Alina and with Andreea. Andreea was basically here with us the whole day because she also came to the lesson with Alina. It was really good and we just really wanted to understand where Alina was with the church with understanding because she hasn't fully kept all commitments. She slowly keeps them and she keeps parts of them. She is always praying but isn't necessarily praying for things specifically. So we really wanted to see where her desires were and really just tried to depend on the spirit to know where she is at and how she feels. It was so good. I am supper happy that we had Andreea there because Andreea can really relate with her in ways that I can't and Sora Newell can't. Having members in lessons is the best thing EVER! We bore really strong testimony of Joseph Smith and we asked Andreea how she personally knew the things that the missionaries taught were true. She bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and that's how it started was when she read she felt the truth. Then we ended with the Joseph Smith movie which Alina loved. She couldn't come to church this week because she was in Bucharest for another interview but hopefully she will come this week and we are going to meet with her tomorrow on Christmas EVE :) Hooray!

Well our English classes continue but we are taking two days off this transfer for Christmas Eve and for New Years, but we had class this week and it was so funny. Sora Newell and I teach the intermediate class and gosh Sora Newell is a beast at teaching English. She knows English grammer so well and she really knows how to explain it but some of the Elders came late so they asked if we could combine the advance and intermediate. We didn't think it would be a problem until this one guy came in. He basically threw Sora Newell's lesson plan in the trash and told her that everybody knew what this was... but the people in our class didn't. Sora Newell was so mad and it was so funny. Okay she wasn't really mad but he just tried to run our class so we ended up just quizing him on irregular past tense verbs it was tooo funny. I just about died laughing. :) it was soo great. Then after he came up to us and explained how much he loved it and he wanted to come to intermediate from then on. Sora Newell told him
NO and that he had to stay in advance. It was a had to be there moment!

After that we had plenty of contacting time because well... none of our potentials want to meet because it's almost Christmas and they are all too busy. Frustrating moment there. But we are hoping after New Years (which is actually the bigger holiday here) that we can really start to meet with people. I miss having lessons. Sora Newell and I wanted to know where everybody goes though in the winter and where different busses go so we went bus contacting and we explored a good part of Constanta but we still don't really know where they go. So we are just going to go with it and block knock... alot. *sigh*

When we were bus contacting we took this bus that I had never taken and we go by this place and we see that there is a GIANT Christmas tree and then there are these little wooden places which are usually used for Christmas markets. Sora Newell has been looking for these all season and it is too funny because they literally haven't had any here in Constanta but I guess they are super big in Germany so she has been waiting for this. She looks at me and says we are getting off here and we are going there. So we do and we practically run. For one... I am freezing and I am trying to stay warm. and for two we were both excited. So we run over there and the little market is all food and when I say food it was just cheese and meat... and I think wine. I just started busting up laughing and Sora Newell was so dissapointed. I was a little sad for it too but it's a good thing Sora Newell will have another Christmas here. 

We did have our branch Christmas Party and it was so nice. We had a little program where our primary sang with their leaders. We sang... and messed up it was even in English. That was really funny. And the first counselor put together this movie about the birth of Christ. It was so nice and the spirit was definitely there. Then we had a bunch of saramale and breads and pastries they were really good. It was just a fun time. I love the members in this branch they are all SO amazing. SO AMAZING! 

Well that's about all. Love you all so much have a wonderful MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! 
Cu Drag,

Sora Stewart

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