Monday, February 17, 2014

January 6, 2014

Well hello family,
It's been another week... I feel like this was a really fast week. Obviously it was New Years but it just did not seem it. Something with the missing of the strip and the gigantic fireworks where dad is worrying about the roof catching on fire. :) Haha oh good times.
Sora Newell and I had a good week. We continue to meet with Alina and this week we talked about keeping the Sacrament Holy. She has a while for her baptismal date which is good because she does need time. She hasn't come to church for a while and I understand why. She lives so far away from Constanta and it costs so much to come and meet with us. We are really hoping that she just moves to Constanta so that way all of that will just come so much easier, but she is also waiting to see if she gets this job in Dubai. Ughhh so frustrating? Any ideas on how to get her to come to church? She did accept keeping the sabbath day holy but isn't really coming yet... so we'll see.
Sora Newell and I did quite a bit of block knocking. Prea mult. But that's okay we really need new investigators and potentials so it was all worth it. We decided to go ahead and do it on New Years Eve in the afternoon. We didn't want to disturb their celebrations and we were hoping that everybody would be with their families and they would be home. Well they were all home but we just saw a lot of people peeking through their peek holes, whispering silently and waiting for us to walk away. That was frustrating. We did go to this one block though and we are pretty sure that this section hasn't been hit for a while so we go there and as soon as we enter the block we are basically being yelled at. This one wasn't a bad yelling he just told us to leave us alone and go up to the person that let us in. Haha only that person didn't want to talk to us either. So we keep going and come up to this door and this super nice lady comes out and does a survey. She was so nice and when she told us she didn't want to know anymore we just left it at that. Then her husband comes out and literally just screams at us. Oh my heck. He needed to CALM DOWN. We left just so there wouldn't be as big of a scene as it was already. We told him we were sorry and we didn't mean to disturb anyone but he was not having it. So we left pretty quickly. That was pretty hard. I feel like the Lord was just preparing some great people for us to meet over in those blocks so we went to go try them again a few days later. We celebrated New Years though by eating Pizza Hut and then I fell asleep I didn't even make it to midnight!!!!!!!! HOW SAD IS THAT!!!!!! It was pretty funny though I woke up at 6 yelling at Sora Newell saying that we couldn't miss New Years. She informed me as I tried to wake her up out of bed that I slept through it. Hahaha how sad. I'm still laughing about that. Luckily they were still blowing up fireworks the next day so I could take some pretty cool pictures :) Haha really they aren't that cool.
Anyways, we went block knocking and we actually met pretty nice people. Some not so nice. But some were fairly nice. There was this one guy who actually let us into his apartment and we scheduled an appointment with him for this Thursday with the Elders. He was going to make us lunch and everything. It was so cute though because he just wanted to give us something. He tried to give us coffee and then wine and then finally he figured out what he could give us Chocolate hahaha and oranges. It was super nice though. Excited to see what happens on Thursday. Stay tuned.
We finally found about transfer boards and I am staying here in Constanta. I am super happy because I get to be here with Alina and the members here. They are changing me. AND I get to be with one of my favorite companions ever SORA LETINU!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is my mini missionary again. Oh my heck I literally was crying on the phone when President called me to tell me that I was going to serve with her. Literally tears pouring down my face. I just love her SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
We had our last English class and I am going to miss Sora Newell she does such a good job teaching English and she really loves teaching it which is an extra bonus. We also had the spiritual thought and so we decided to sing since that just pours in the spirit and our students love us. We were planning on just doing it acapella but Elder Pischke (think that's how you spell his name) was there for the day and he literally just made up an accompaniment on the spot!!!! It was so cool and I could just feel the spirit so strong. SO STRONG!!!! Love moments like that. Obviously the English Students felt the spirit and it was too funny. There is a guy in our English Class who is like 80 years old. Super cute old man and he comes up to us to tell us it was beautiful holds Sora Newell's face and kisses her on the forehead and then comes over to me and grabs my hands and kisses me on the forehead. It was super sweet but the elders were just laughing hahaha. It was really funny. We just said we got puped on the head for the rest of the day. It was too funny. I'm still laughing about it!
I have decided to study change since it is the new year, it's a new transfer, a new week, a new day, a new opportunity. It has been so amazing. I am actually where the Sons of Mosiah are preaching to the Lamanites and I love how they describe their conversion. "And not one of them fell away." I hope and pray everyday that I am as converted as the people of Ammon. They burried their weapons of war and never looked back. I pray that I can lay down the weapons I hold still and lay them down at the Saviors feet and continue to be his servant. That's what I want to do. I want "My will to be swallowed up in the Father's will" I hope that we can all do that. And so because I love this talk so much I am attaching it. It is called Remember Lot's Wife. :) Remember Faith always points to the future. :)
Love you all with all my heart!!!!!

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