Monday, February 17, 2014

February 10, 2014

Hello all,

Well before I come to Internet I always try to figure out what I am going to say and honestly I forget what I want to say every single time I sit down at a computer... ugh frustrating. 

Well I guess I can start with right now. We were busy this morning. The sun has melted basically all the snow and so the streets are really really wet for the past couple days. Every night it seems we come home with wet feet haha. So Sora Letinu went to go buy some shoes today. And then we went back because they were broken and they wouldn't let her return them. Super dumb. So she went and exchanged it for other shoes. All stores are like that here. Is that the same in the states... I don't remember to be honest. Weird. Anyways. We got a call from our district leader saying that the library doesn't have any power so us and the other elders are at the Internet Cafe. They had a special on women though ahha literally it was if you are a women you get to pay like half it's great :) 

This week has been a busy one though. We've had exchanges, English (normal), lots of contacting, and our super cool activity.

I had a great exchange with Sora Deruvo this week. Sora Deruvo was in my MTC group although she is technically 2 transfers ahead of our group because she served two transfers in the Rome mission. Too much to explain. But it was so great. She is so loving and we had an absolute blast. I just adore all the sisters in this mission they are so amazing and have such a great spirit around them. They have such faith, such strong faith. So Sora Deruvo and Sora Stapley came down on Wednesday night and stayed until Friday morning. I love both of these sisters and it was super cool because we would be speaking in Romanglish most of the time as a group it was super interesting. Loved it. :) 
The night before the sisters got there Sora Letinu made Saramale I helped :) A bit. It was so good. She makes the best freaking saramale. I love it. So we all had a lot of saramale for that day. Totally worth it. 
We had district meeting and took a bunch of pictures in the snow covered beaches :) You'll notice me ninja kicking it ;) Yeah I can do that in a skirt with Cartea lui Mormon in my hands. Then we went out to contact. We didn't get any potentials that day which was sad. But that's okay we'll just keep going :) Just keep swimming :)
Later on that evening because it was my year mark. WHAT?! We went out to Nico's which is like my favorite place ever. I love being close to Turkey and Greece with all of these influences they really know how to make good food.

Friday well my title makes sense after this. We went to internet to do some studies and I always look at my application to see what I need to do and they had already decided if I was accepted or not! Hello! Congratulations you've been accepted! I was kinda freaking out there. I kept looking for the thing that said you've been rejected, but nope was not there. So I will be starting BYU-I in winter so in January! So excited. :) The Lord is blessing me, He really is.

We did quite a bit of contacting this week and because there was still quite a bit of snow on the ground it came down to block knocking. We did find a few potentials and we've called them and they aren't able to meet yet. We're probably gonna go and knock on their doors to see if we can possibly meet right then :) SURPRISE!

We had a really good activity this week that we put on and it really is thanks to one of our members. We had put together a bunch of little games (minute to win it games) and invited a bunch of people. Alina came and quite a few of our English students. :) It was so cool. :) It was a blast. We made a bunch of food. I made Cheesecake and Sora Letinu made an apple placinta that was SOOO good. :) Anyways, we had a spiritual thought and then we started with all of our games. Tibi one of our members works for this theater group and so he had a bunch of his kids over practicing. 90 percent of them stayed and played all the games. It was too much fun and they finally realized we aren't weirdos :) It was so great!

We had a lesson with Alina and it went okay. She isn't sure that she is still going to Dubai because they haven't told her yet when she is leaving... so she was really upset about that. We just really wanted to fill her with hope and I just had to remind her over and over again that the Lord knows what she needs in her life and that things will get better. Things will get easier. I am really just trying to get her to progress. That is so hard. How do you affect their agency without making them do things. Everyday I just learn more about how cool agency is. How beautiful and precious it is for us to really do the right things.

I feel like every study I have goes back to that. Using agency wisely. Be obedient. Keep the commandments. Pray. Read. Serve. Repent. Be humble. Love. It's all about us. It really is. I mean everything Heavenly Father has created is for US! How beautiful and amazing. He just wants our happiness so He's given us guidelines. He's given us commandments so we can live in happiness and prepare ourselves so we can live with Him and like Him. I love it. Love His plan. Love that I can always be better. Love that I can always repent. Love that I can always choose. I can choose to obey His will.

Well that's all for this week. I love you all and keep you all in my prayers!
Sora Stewart

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