Monday, February 17, 2014

December 9, 2014

Hey everyone,
I literally feel that this was the longest, slowest, but fastest week. Does that even make sense? I literally have to read through my journal to figure out what on earth happened! Am I loosing my mind?

Well this district is definitely filled with a bunch of different characters and I think it is so interesting that Sora Newell and I choose the phrase," Lift up your head and rejoice." because there have been some struggles. A lot of changes and we are really just trying to be the best missionaries we can be. It's hard sometimes when we get our pride caught in the way. Trust me I have a lot of pride and I like to think that I am right 98 percent of the time but in reality it's probably like negative 1 percent haha. Anyways a lot of district is that way and I always want things my way... and well that's not possible. So instead of being stressed and upset we are really trying to lift up our heads and rejoice in all the little tender mercies of the Lord. Literally Sora Newell and I started counting our tender mercies today of just cool little experiences that have happened just today. So that is our new goal is to count the little tender mercies of the Lord's hand in our lives as missionaries.

We were able to meet with Alina this week. :) She is a sweet tender mercy from the Lord to us in our lives. We really really really really wanted to ask Alina for an official baptismal date because she really is just so ready! So ready and so prepared. So the last lesson we talked about baptism and the holy ghost. We explained that Baptism is the first step into the Lord's direction in His gate. She wasn't really fully aware of what those things meant or why baptism was that important. We talked a lot about authority and that after baptism we are given the beautiful gift of the Holy Ghost to help guide us to make righteous choices. We asked her for a specific date, she was hesitant and then we asked her why she was hesitant. Listening skills! Working on those skills right now! She told us that she does believe that the things we teach her are correct and true, but she wants to choose and decide when she is ready to be bapitzed. I completely support her on this and so we asked her if she would pray for her own baptismal date. So we are hoping for a future baptism here! Praying for that! She is just absolutely amazing. You know she calls us her angels? She literally has our number saved as my angels! This last Sunday was her birthday and so she wasn't able to come to church but she saved time today so we could go out for a birthday celebration! LA MULTI ANI ALINA! Really though I adore her and I am so happy with the progress she is making.

Well that was Wednesday and after that we hopped on a maxi taxi and headed up to Buch for our Zone Conference and Zone training. It was super fun. We had our scarf and tie exchange and we were able to just enjoy each others company. It's just so fun to be around others in our mission. :) It really was great and Jess I did get your package. Haha it was funny they passed out all packages and Sora Newell literally had like 5 packages from her mom it was so cute the Elders were not excited about picking all of those up haha. But hey asa este. 

Well crazy adventure that happened during contacting... Sora Newell and I went contacting in centru for English contacting and by centru is this park that had like a carnival in it. Okay it wasn't a very fun carnival but it was still okay. So we go over there and contact and then we just keep walking and contacting and we end up going towards the casino and the beach. Well we eventually ended up being chased by a wiild pack of dogs. Super scary never thought I would have been scared of dogs before. Apparently they are just super territorial. The elders had to start throwing rocks and Elder McAllister took off his geanta and started swinging around. I was trying so hard not to laugh because then I probably would have fallen and been attacked. Haha just kidding. But it was scary and then super super super funny. I was laughing so hard it was just something super random that happened. 

For this week we have some exchanges going on and I get to go with Sora Rivera! I'm super excited we are going to be doing a lot of normal people contacting. I made a new goal with Heavenly Father that I would really dedicate myself to be a better missionary especially in the cold.  You all know how I feel about being cold... and I don't want to be a lazy missionary. So I'm excited to be doing even more contacting. Trying to get myself pumped here!

Well as for all the changes that are happening back home. Super weird haha but I am excited for changes. Changes are good. Something that I have learned is that sometimes before a transfer I'm nervous it's a new area and a new companion new members maybe they speak faster in that area but literally every transfer gets better and better and I learn so much and I grow so much! It really is so cool. Something Sora Lund would always say is that we are these children and every night we have this Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. It's our favorite and we love it. But then Heavenly Father tells us hey I have something else for you today, so we complain and say," Heavenly Father but I love my PBJ sandwich I don't want anything else." But then he puts down this giant pizza in front of us. That's how I view change for now. Sometimes it's hard but gosh the pizza is always so great and Heavenly Father just blesses us! :)

Love you all so much... Ummm Parents so I get to skype soon but it probably wont be on Christmas Day. We only have one skype thing and 6 missionaries need to use it so It'll just be the week of Christmas. So let me know what day works best for you all and then I'll let you know next monday what day and what time I will skyping :) LOVE YOU ALL!

Cu Drag,

Sora Stewart

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