Monday, February 17, 2014

January 21, 2014

Hey Family and Friends,
Sorry I'm writing a day late... but well I got a bug again. Isn't that just my life. Pretty sure it's leading to Bronchitis again... Ughhh WHY! But I'm getting antibiotics and it should be okay. I just have no immune system. But no worries I really am fine. Just taking it slow.
Anyways, this week was so good besides me catching a bug and then having it go into my lungs. So Monday regular P-day besides the fact that we had to hop onto a maxi taxi and hitch a 3 hour ride to Bucharest for Zone Training. Literally one of the longest rides ever! It was a super small maxi taxi and I wanted to die. I just kept trying to sleep but it was not working! We finally get there though and we head over to the sister's apartment. I love them. I seriously love all of the sisters in this mission so much. They are all AMAZING!
Next day (Tuesday) we had zone training and it was all in Romanian. President and Sora HIll are really trying to immerze us in Romanian which I think is fantastic I think if it was this way when I came I would been much better off now. Anyways the whole thing was in Romanian and I had to give a presentation with Sora Letinu about contacting in winter. It was good... SPER! No it really was okay. I talked with some of my favorite sisters and Sora Gerhartz told me something about using members in contacting. Which means every time we have a couple hours of contacting call a member to pray in that moment and we pray as well to find someone who will receive us. To find someone who will be willing to talk. Then afterwards we call them and tell them what happens they get more excited and miracles happen!
So Wednesday. We had a lot of contacting to do this day. To get everything ready for English classes put up all of our posters and so on. So we called up one of our members Andreea and asked her to pray for us. :) Oh my gosh. Everybody stopped and talked to us. Everybody was nice. Everybody took a flyer. It was the most amazing time I have ever had contacting EVER!!!!!! Then we texted Andreea after and thanked her for her prayer and she was so excited she was so grateful. How amazing is this!?? PRETTY DANG AMAZING!
Thursday we had district meeting and it went well. Elder Myler is a really really good district meeting (Also this is all in Romanian) and we talked about our goals and then he gives the lesson about prayer. About setting our goals with prayer. It was so good and he told us how he always makes goals with Heavenly Father about one thing he really wants to accomplish that day and then at the end of the day he makes a complete accounting to Heavenly Father. So I started doing this more in my prayers this week. Something that I truly have learned is that I can always improve the relationship I have with my Heavenly Father always. After district meeting we went to the dentist cause Sora Letinu lost one of her cap things for her tooth. Pretty sure they put it on backwards. Oricum. We also had correlation and it was so good. Alin was there and we just really talked about how we can get members involved and people we need to work with and everything. Super grateful that we have an AMAZING branch president. So grateful.
Friday. Lesson with Alina and Andreea. I felt really prompted this week that we needed to talk about Prophets with Alina this week about how the chruch is organized and how true this church is. So we come into the lesson and we sit down and were going to do a bit of a facem cunostinta because Alina doesn't know Sora Letinu and she was really nervous that Sora Newell left. A few seconds later though Andreea knocks on the door and asks if she can join us. I WOULD NEVER EVER refuse a member coming into our lesson especially Andreea. So she came and joined us. One of the first things Alina said though is that she got her job in Dubai and so she will be leaving in like 2 to 3 weeks. My heart literally broke. Literally broke and Andreea's heart. Andreea was so sad. We're both really happy that she found a job but why does it have to be in Dubai. After she said that I had no idea how we were supposed to teach that lesson I just didn't understand. At all. We did progress into the lesson and it was great. Spirit was there and I think it made more sense to Alina about the church. We might be doing Skype lessons with her we aren't really sure though... It's kinda confusing because she can't really be baptized now... We'll see though.
Lesson with Andreea. Amazing great as always. She's amazing. She wanted to know more about the Word of Wisdom. And so we explained it and I just really wanted to emphasize that our bodies are literal temples. SInce we had just had a lesson not too long ago about the temple and the preparation for it it was so good. I Love the spirit and how it just prompts you to say one thing and have one lesson about a certain thing and then a few lessons later it goes into a different lesson. The Lord just knows so much. After the lesson though because I am now the branch pianist... you may all laugh now haha... Andreea asked me if I would teach her a little bit. So I did as much as I knew. I taught her chords and everythign and she wrote it down so that way she would memorize it. I love this girl LOVE HER!
Saturday: Start of my sickness. We did go out contacting as a district though and it was great except none of us got numbers we had one person take our survey and we got yelled at a few times. While talking to people I found mom's suvenier present though! IT'S PERFECT! Haha we decided during that time though that we had to call a member to pray so we called the Relief Society president Sora Ghiman and she prayed for us. After that people weren't as mean and sombody actually took our survey somebody was actually kind. IT was so nice. PRAYERS ARE AMAZING! That's all I have to say. We came home and then finished translating my talk.
Sunday: Gave my talk. ALINA CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!! I talked about love, the love of God, and how much He loves us. I based my talk off of Moses 7 Which is basically one of my favorite chapters right now. It's so cool! You just see how real and how amazing GOd is. How much He LOVES US! How much goodness he sends us and so on.

Well I think that's about it :) I love you all so much and I'm grateful for your prayers I really am :)

Love, Sora Stewart

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