Saturday, July 26, 2014

May 26, 2014

I really don't even know where to start to be honest. We have been so so so so so BUSY. Literally I'm exhausted. haha.

So... Lets just start at the begining shall we?

Tuesday: Zone Training. It actually was super nice. Usually we have a meeting while the DL's have a meeting but it was so nice because this time it was just the regular meeting. Which meant that Sora Bischoff and I were able to finish all of our studies in the mornings which was fantastic.
After Zone Training though we went over to a members house. She was so cute. She's hard of hearing so any time I talked, Sora Bischoff was closer to her, she would nod her head and from what she thought she heard she would talk about that. I think I asked her how she met the missionaries and then she started talking about how missionaries never visit her and that's why she was so happy that we were there. haha. It was cute :) I loved it. She has such a big heart and she is just so faithful. I am really just enjoying this branch.

Later we did some contacting and then we had a lesson with Maya. Seriously she is one of the brightest people I have ever met. She's been reading and just loves how she feels when she leaves. We taught her the restoration and she had quite a few questions. They were really good questions too. It was just a great lesson filled with the spirit and I really am just so grateful that the spirit is there. 

Wednesday: Went and visited another member. She's darling. We talked a lot about the power of the Atonement and Prayer. It was super cool. She has a lot of trials and challenges and yet she really is just super strong and still comes to church every week. Love these people. 

Later we were supposed to go contacting as a district but... ummm I did not read the right park so instead Sora Bischoff and I contacted for a while at the park. :) It was fun and after our feet really hurt. haha. There's to wearing old sandals. Basically we ended up just contacting most of the day we ran into some funny interesting people. We were doing some English posters and a guy comes up and says what is all this about? I tell him what it is and he just shakes his head. So I just told him," What you don't believe us?" He laughs and says," No." So then I just had to talk to him and tell him how great our English classes our. :) 

Thursday: Oh gosh so busy. We packed early in the morning for our exchange and then had a quick lesson with Maya. She came late she didn't wake up on time haha. It was funny. We read from the scriptures together and talked more about why we are baptized. It was a cool and short lesson.

Right after her lesson we had a lesson with our other investigator Anca and it was so great. Literally she just understands so well. She read like 4 chapters and had all these questions for us. It was so cool. We gave her the restoration lesson and she had a hard time believing that God himself could appear but then when we talked about Moses and Stephen how they had seen God. She looked at us and said yeah, you know it's possible. She told us she wants to really read the whole Book of Mormon and she really thinks it's just incredible right now. I'm so excited for her and for her husband. They would be amazing members.

Later district meeting where we had a lot of candy from America. Thank you Elder Covey's parents.
then we ran quickly to the Auto-gara so we could catch our ride to Constanta.

Friday: EXCHANGES. It was so fun. I went with my dear sweet Sora Uhl and I just loved it. She is such a steller missionary and we just have so much fun together. We had a lesson with Andreea. Oh my gosh I miss that girl so much. haha it's a good thing we have such great technology these days. We had a great lesson with her and she just seemed so happy :) MAKES ME HAPPY!

We did a branch activity with Frisbee and it was super fun then came home and closed. I just love these sisters in this mission so much. They all have such different personalities and they all just sacrifice so much to be here and to do all they can to love these people :)

Saturday: Maxi-taxi home. I was so tired. Literally SO TIRED. Andreea and Alina took the maxi taxi with us since they had a young womens thing later on in Bucuresti. At one point though in our mid-way stop I get out of the maxi-taxi and just fall down on the grass then they all had to take pictures with me. Haha. It just made me laugh. I did not want pictures taken! haha it was an experience though.

We get home and then start our studies and I'm not kidding you I just felt so tired. So I'm studying then I feel like my body just starts moving. It was super weird. I didn't know if I had fallen asleep during my study or what! Then Sora Bischoff turns to me and says," Did you feel that?" Then that snaps me back up for a bit and I see the lights and all the curtains shaking. haha. we had just experienced an earthquake! It was CRAZY! haha. Nothing bad happened here with us. I guess the earthquake happened in greece and we were just filling the affects of it. Sora Bischoff and I were both freaking out (in a good way) we had just survived an earthquake! (okay it was the smallest earthquake on our part but it was so cool!)

We had corelation later that day after studies and then we contacted a bit. I had like the best contacting experiences that day it was so cool. One girl contacted me and we have a lesson with her in like an hourish and the other one I just really liked her hair so I started talking to her :) hehe :) It was so fun though so hopefully they will both work out this week. 

Sunday: Normal sunday. We went to Sora Gorzo's and it was so fun. We had dinner and sang hymns as a district. Sora Gorzo is just super cool :) I like her. We did some studies and planning and yeahhhh... haha. that's about our day.

You know I've been reading a lot (normal sunt o misionara) but I've been reading a lot about becoming. It's so fascinating to me the act of changing and becoming. There is this super cool quote I found in one of the talks I am currently reading and it says something along the lines of "The Lord can not work with what He does not have." If we do not give ourselves fully to our Savior. To Heavenly Father we can not be changed. We literally have to allign our will with His. It's then and only then that we will become the person He sees that we can become. I just love that idea and that's why this transfer I'm trying to recognize the moments throughout the day when I conform my will and allow my will to be the Father's. Whether it's talking to a specific person or just not yelling at someone.. promise I don't yell at people.. but whatever it is. I'm just trying to recognize how I am BECOMING. Stretching and reaching to become someone who will continue to strive to become.

Well I think that's all for this one.

Love you all!
Sora Stewart

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