Saturday, July 26, 2014

June 23, 2014

Hello everyone,

Don't have much time we have a lesson that we have to get to pretty soon with one of our members. Anyways. 

This week was good. It was hard. We got bunged a lot. And the sun just did not come out once. I feel like the more I have been here in the spring and in the fall... well and the winter, I realize how much I have really missed the sun. There are some mighty great things living in a place that has so much sun. Basically this week... it rained every day... which means SOAKING WET FEET! UGHHH I hate that. SO MUCH! 

We did go to Peles this week and it was beautiful. Rained the whole time. But it was so fun. It's so interesting though a lot of Romanian history really isn't Romanian history. A lot of it has to deal iwth other countries and so on. The Peles castle is actually German. It was lived in by German royalty. Romanians actually chose them to be rulers over them, not all of Romania but a part of it. It was just really fascinating, because the palace wasn't really Romanian it had a lot of other culture aspects to it. All in all though. It was wonderful and beautiful and extremely interesting.

We did a lot of block knocking this week... and well that's not my favorite. We met some interesting people though. One who yelled at us for being in his block so late at night it was 7... it was still light outside. Another one was this old man who was just so cute. He told us about how he was in a couple wars and how he saved the lives of a few men who had jumped out of a burning plane. He was really cool but it was sad. He told us that he has no faith. No hope in God. No hope in this after life or anything. He told us that his first child died and he prayed everyday that the child may be saved and that the Lord would take his place instead. It was just sad. He said he would be interested in meeting with us though.

Most of our investigators went out of town for the week. Oh how this is just so normal for summer. We really did just struggle in lessons this week... I mean we didn't have any. We did a member visit though with a boy that was baptized a few months ago named Stefanuti. It was really great and this little kid has such a strong testimony. It was just neat to see. 

We found out about transfer board this week and I am staying here in Mihai Bravu! HOORAY! I'm so excited. I really love this branch. They just crack me up they are like this huge disfunctional but functional family. They have wonderful hearts and they love this gospel. 

I Just feel so blessed. I love being a missionary. I love all that I have learned and I am excited that I have even more to give. Even though I know my time is short. I'm excited. I still have time. I LOVE that I have time. I can't wait to just give the Lord all I have. Leave it all in these last 5 minutes right?

Well I love you all. Sorry it's a rambly letter.

Have a wonderful week!
Sora Stewart

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