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June 30, 2014

Ehhhh hey,

You know sometimes I really feel like I just write a lot of the same things. Of course, every week is different different things happen. I also feel like I just change a lot, I just can't express all that happens every week.

But, here I go again.

So Sora Bischoff and I just tried to be as busy as possible for her last couple of days. We really just tried to visit as many people as possible. We still got bunged.. unfortunate. But we tried.

So MONDAY. Last p-day. We went over to Sora Dodges. Gosh I love that woman. She kinda reminds me of Sister Rader. Her motto is I will grow old but I will never grow up :) Haha she is seriously just the funniest person ever. We are just great together. haha.Plus she taught me how to knit. Coming home with some great new skills let me tell you!

Later we went over to Sora Oros. Now she used to work in the office as a missionary. She was a senior sister missionary. She is super funny and super smechera. Love that. But after her mission she went a bit inactive so we visit her to make sure she just stays active. She is just great though. She has so many amazing spiritual stories of things that have happened in her life where she has been completely under the influence of the Holy Ghost. It was overall a wonderful placut day.


So Doru the elder's investigator who literally has been the more prepared person for baptism was baptized. Sora Bischoff and I came early to help Elder Covey and Elder Weiss since they were a bit stressed. Normal. 

Later when Doru walks in just wearing his suit and he just has this big smile on his face. You could just see how happy he was. He was so excited. Maya came to the baptism which was AMAZING! She thought it was beautiful as our branch president spoke. Also quite a few English students came too. It was just wonderful. The spirit was so strong.  Then they baptized Doru and confirmed him since he was leaving to England the next morning. It was such a beautiful confirmation. Goodness just the whole thing was beautiful.

As I said Maya came to the baptism and well Maya hadn't been answering her phone for about a week and we didn't know why. But... because most of her family is from Syria one of her cousins died in an explosion and this cousin was one of her best friends so she was extremely distressed. She came though and Sora Bischoff and I wanted to talk to her about temples and just reviewing the last part of the plan of salvation. That we know she will see her cousin again. That she can be with her whole family for eternity. So while we were waiting for Elder Covey and Doru to come back in the room (changing clothes after Doru was baptized) they played some films. They played two mormon messages of what we wanted to talk about. It was so cool.
It was just amazing to me to see as we really pondered and prayed to know what we should talk to her about and what we should do there it is. It just pops up in the middle of a baptism. 

I know that Maya is prepared and hopefully we can just help her see that a little bit more. Maybe today since we have a lesson with her :) SPER!

Well and after the baptism we had to go and get the newbies and have them stay over at my apartment. One of the girls is from VEGAS! They found another one in the great sin city :) It's funny to see them though. They were all SOOOOO TIRED!!!!! But they were also just filled with this light and excitement. They are so ready to go out there and preach the gospel. 

WEDNESDAY! Super crazy day. AND I MEAN CRAZY. Woke up and got ready to take the newbies to Parcul Cismigiu where the land of Romania was dedicated. So after everyone getting ready and finally getting there not to mention we are carrying a ton of hymn books because we are supposed to do some sing contacting we had some mishaps.

1. Nobody knew about the transfer day contacting activity. Failure. 
2. If they did know about it they had the wrong time. 
3. Some people just didn't want to go.

Ughh sometimes it just makes me mad to see that!
Anyways. It was just extremely stressful trying to get people there and letting everyone know about it. It was a success though and they did come. They did sing and we did get some new potentials. Success. Just took a lot of effort.

We had to get Sora Bischoff to her training meeting and then we had a few more lessons planned and then getting her to the gara. 

It was just really crazy. Just really busy. And I really wouldn't have spent my last transfer day any other way. BUSY! :) Yeahhh!!!!!!

It was a bit weird though to know I wouldn't see some of those missionaries for a really long time. I had to say goodbye to a lot of dear sweet people. It made me a bit sad. It was fun though. Sweet Sora Uhl just stayed by my side haha :) Oh how I love her :) 

THURSDAY. First day with Sora Bastidas. We had a district meeting and planned out all of our exchanges and everything. Got her unpacked and did a bunch of treaba.

Not the most fun of all days. I also just was not feeling good at all.

FRIDAY. Were supposed to have a lesson with a lady that we met at the park. But she wasn't answering. Like at all. Ughh. So frustrating. And it was just pouring. So we basically walked around the whole park looking for her since she works there and no success. Din pacate.

It warmed up though and thank goodness. So we contacted a bit and then tried to have a lesson. They also didn't show up. Mmm lots of bunging. 

SATURDAY. The Bucuresti district had this huge program planned out and it was great. They had asked all the members to bring one person to the open house and they asked us missionaries to invite everyone. So we did. We contacted a lot for this open house and so I was really excited for this. Well a lot of members showed up which was great. A few investigators. It was wonderful and it was really well planned. I loved seeing my sweet members from Constanta who I miss so much. It was just sad that there weren't as many people showing up as we had hoped. 
But everyone has free agency right?

We did some weekly planning and called a lot of people. I mean a lot. Not a ton of people can meet but we are trying. We have a lot of goals set for contacting and so I really am hoping for a larger teaching pool. Praying for that. We just need more people to teach.


Church. It was weird. For one... I am now the pianist. dang it. haha I still do not like it. I just stink! And the branch president came over to me 2 minutes before we start and tells me that I need to play all of the verses for every song. He didn't tell any one else though. So when everyone thought we were done we weren't and you can just hear our BP belting notes. It was pretty funny though.

Then some random guy came in and randomly went up onto the pulpit and started speaking. I have no idea what he said. I have no idea what language he was speaking. Apparently it was English... but ummm... I think I don't remember English if that's the language he was speaking. 

Went over to Sora Gorzo's for dinner. So fun. She is just the sweetest member ever. She loves to pup everybody!

We went contacting later that night and GUESS WHAT! This is mostly a head up for you all parents. 

So contacting me this guy named David. We talked about English classes and then it transformed into our religion and he was interesting. He asked where I was from and when I told him, you know what he said! He's moving there today! Seriously! It was crazy weird. So we talk for a little while and he accepts a Book of Mormon and wants to know more. He speaks basically perfect English and I think this was just a sign from Heavenly Father saying," Hey your mission never ends!" I loved that. It was just a great end to a good busy crazy week.

Well... Not much else to say. Sorry this just feels like such a long letter.

I love you all though oh so much. The Church is true. The Doctrines are true. Thomas S. Monson is the prophet for the world. Not just for the church but for the entire world for every person. Being a missionary is amazing. I love it. Everything is just amazing.

I love you all!
Sora Stewart

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