Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 7, 2014


This week was actually quite a bit different. I mean duh! President HIll left and President Ivory and his family came in this week. So there have been quite a few changes.

The missionary life though in general is just going. So starting with a few great things that have happened.

Maya finally agreed to a baptismal date. It was so great. We just challenged her and I know it's hard especially since she doesn't have the perfect background to accept these things (because she's muslim) but she did. She just feels so great about the gospel and about the church and she said that if she continues to feel good about these things she will be baptized. Now all she needs to do is to come to church. JUST COME TO CHURCH! seriously Sora Bischoff and I decided that this is probably just the phrase we say most often to investigators. Trying trying. She still didn't come to church this week. Really need to talk to her about that. Still working. Still difficulties. Still trying. Just please keep her in your prayers.

Sora Bastidas and I have done a lot of area book. Which has been great. I've been really pleasantly surprised. I'm always just afraid to meet with past investigators but have a few lessons planned because of old potentials and past investigators. Just because they didn't accept it then doesn't mean that they aren't prepared for it now. Just learning so much everyday from my new companion. She knows how to work and I'm really grateful for that.

We did get bunged a lot this week again... still really annoys me.

The Oradea sisters stayed at our place for two days so that we can all go to MLC together. Let me tell you MLC was so different this transfer. First of all we started it early in the morning by going up to the park and going on a run. We ended up going with his two daughters and chatted quite a bit. 

First things first. President Ivory and his family are AMAZING! Yes there are a lot of changes. There are a lot of things that are going to be different but they have all been directed by God. He has prayed and pondered, he has talked to the 12 and quite a bit with President Uchtodorf and has received revelation specifically about this mission. All that he has done so far has been completely inspired. All of us missionaries who were sitting in that room after finishing our first day of MLC were just about ready to bounce out of our chairs and just go and do all that we can. We were all just so inspired. There is going to be this complete balance in all that we do. 1/3 of our time finding and teaching progressing investigators, 1/3 of our time finding and teaching less actives, and a 1/3 of our time finding and teaching members and helping them progress to the next ordinance. It's amazing. It's perfect. He doesn't want us to waste our time in just trying to pass out as many cards as possible. He wants us to work and work smart. He wants us to do all we can. He wants us to be kind and guide people to the gospel through who we are. He wants us to work with members and invite ALL of God's children to come closer to the gospel. It really is so amazing. 
We ended the first day of MLC with a fast and came back the next day for a testimony meeting between us leaders. He surprised us and after we finished our testimony meeting he had this huge AMERICAN BBQ for the 4th of July. It really was so special. It was so good. I mean I do love me some America :) 

Basically I am just so excited. Makes me a bit sad that I can't stay even longer and see all that he is really going to encorporate here but I really know that this man is called of God. He knows how to do this, he served his mission in Italy. He knows exactly what we are experiencing and he really just wants this mission to change. It's really amazing. It really is. I'm so excited for the next three years of his service.

Other than that it was a basic missionary week. We taught and contacting. We really have been trying to find people to teach. We are just trying to do all we can but now we are trying to do it even smarter. 

Well I think that is all this week.

Love you all!
Sora Stewart

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