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June 2, 2014

I'm officially stumped. I have no idea what to call this letter.... sorry. Anyways. It's been another crazy, busy, fun-filled, adventure week here in Mihai Bravu. 

So last p-day I had written before we had done anything sooo...
Had a lesson with a crazy person. Literally crazy. I thought it was going to be good. She is the one that stopped and wanted to meet. But as we talked to her on the phone and scheduled to meet, gosh, it just got really weird. When we sat down to talk she told us she didn't want us to pray because prayer didn't mean anything. Ughh. That's just when I knew how bad it would be. She really just wanted to argue with us and I don't like to argue. We talked for a bit and then just wanted to talk about how bad other religions were and that we are the same. That there was no place you could find that had Christ. We tried to explain what we believe and do but she just didn't want to listen. Ugh. So I turned to Sora Bischoff and just said," I'm done." Then turned to her and said," Look. You obviously just don't want to listen to what we say and you just want to argue. If you really want to change and know more then great, but if not your wasting my time and yours." That's basically how we ended it. We testified and tried to teach but in the end... she just didn't want to listen. It was extremely frustrating. 

But later that night we had a wonderful lesson with Maya. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and she got really excited about it. She's reading. She's praying. She really just has to take that next step. Oh also she just really NEEDS TO COME TO CHURCH. Ughh. another story.

We did quite a bit of contacting that day really. And I don't really remember what kind we did... Sorry. really long week. We did teach our children's english class and it was SO FUN! I loved it. We just sing songs and do lots of movements and games. It is so fun. And the two kids we do have in our class are such fun kids I really like our class. 

We had a lesson with a less active Sora Dragu. She is a doll. Really the only reason she is less active is just because she is too sick that she can't leave her home. She has such a strong faith and desire to become a better person though and she is just GREAT. Really I was the one who felt uplifted after meeting with her. I felt more that she was teaching me. It was just a really special experience for me.
We also did a bunch of contacting and we ran in to some pretty cool potentials one who we will hopefully meet this week. It was too funny. I approach her and tell her who we are and what we do and give her a restoration pliant and then I ask for her number. She tells me no, but then we start to talk. We just talked and she is such a cool person. I like her a lot. Then at the end she starts laughing and just goes. Yeah I'll give you my number. Here. :) It was great!! I loved it. 

Well District Meeting. Normal. Then Sora Bischoff and I sat on a train for a couple hours on our way to Brasov. I really enjoyed the train ride for the most part. Literally the Brasov area is just so gorgeous I absolutely loved it. I just kept taking pictures because the mountains were just so green and pretty. Yes. Okay. I really really miss the mountains. 
Then we started our exchange and I got to go with Sora Ralls. Oh my heck I miss that girl. It was just so great.

Haha. Oh what a funny day it was. It was pretty packed. We had two lessons and so we go to centru and go eat then head to 
Feldiora which is this little city outside of Brasov. Well I apparantly do not know the weather and how it would be up in the mountains, since in Bucuresti it was super hot! So I had my sandals and my warm weather things. But what do you know it's freezing rain on Friday. Normal. So I had to buy like 5 dollar shoes that would cover my toes haha so when we went to Feldiora I notice that it is just pouring rain. Like if I stand there for 10 seconds I will be drenched from head to toe. Sora Ralls and I had nothing really. And we had a ten minute walk to our lessons house. So there we went just sticking it out in the rain. Sora Ralls and I literally just laughed the whole way there while Sora Ralls said," Sora Stewart do you see this! This is the greatest thing ever! We will be able to tell this story forever!" It was pretty hillarious then when we arrived at our new converts home (her name is Elena and she has two twin grand daughters that live with her) they were so excited. Then they saw how wet we were and they just loved the idea of straining my hair and skirt and scarf. One of the little girls gets up and takes a rag and starts rubbing my head saying," I'm going to make you blonde." It was just quite the adventure. Haha. Pouring pouring rain. Then we ran over to our other lesson and it was such a huge blessing she had this huge fire that she had built and it was the best thing after being in a rain storm. 

All in all. The day was a huge success. It was just so great and we did some contacting. Bus contacting is Sora Ralls favorite. I think it's pretty okay. The lady I talked to was a  lot nicer then the one that she talked to.

Came back on a train to Bucuresti (I slept most of the way, I was so tired). Went to English class, had correlation, had another meeting for our activity that we are planning, then went home to do weekly planning. 

Sorry not the most exciting day. :) It was good though.

We didn't have investigators come to church. Ugh that was frustrating. Maya did show up 2 minutes after church though and we had a choir for an hour after church and she joined in with that. She really loved it and loved the members. It was just so fun to be a part of. Literally Mihai Bravu is just this huge family. They are so funny I really do love this branch. But it was so great for Maya to see members and for them to talk to her and she really liked them.
After choir we had a lesson with her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was too funny. We talked a lot about baptism and the Holy Ghost. It's interesting teaching her because she has a part Christian background and then a part Islamic background. So some of the things she says that she has done just hasn't made sense to me, because I really have never heard of some of these things. She asked though when she needed to be baptized and we tried to establish a date then and there but she wanted a little bit more time. So we will see her tomorrow and hopefully she has prayed about it. 
Later we did some studies and then did some sing contacting in the park. Overall it was just a great fun filled week. It's just so much fun :) 

Today... we got permission from President to ride some swan boats around this pond area in one of the parks. So we went off as a district and did that. It was so fun :) And later on we shall have a lesson with an investigator I haven't met yet! We will see how it goes!

This week... well for a couple weeks now Sora Bischoff and I for comp study have been watching FIres of Faith. It is just so touching to see how the Lord prepares ways and people. Maybe not in the way that we may want or expect. Maybe not when we want them to be. But the Lord does prepare the way. He does. It's just beautiful to me to know how perfect the gospel is. That it's for every single person and the more that we study the Bible the more it gives to the Book of Mormon and vice versa. It's beautiful. Everything just works in harmony for the perfecting of saints. I just feel so grateful to be here. Now. To be here as a missionary. To have the restoration of the gospel. Oh how great it is to live in such a time as this. 

I love you all so much,
Sora Stewart

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