Saturday, July 26, 2014

May 12, 2014

Anyways. I have talked to most of you this morning. It's weird that it was this morning. So I guess I will just give a super quick overview of this week.

We had a few lessons this week... nothing super extravagant. We actually have quite a few investigators... just none that are progressing and they will just drop off the map for a week or two. It's super frustrating. We set up quite a few lessons though and well... most of them fell through which was super nasba. 

Sora Uhl and I were just in this super stressed out freaking mode all week. For one. Ummm TRANSFER BOARDS! Hello we need to know everything that is going on and we need to know where we were going. That was seriously freaking us out. I've been here in Constanta for 7 and a half months and Sora Uhl and I have been together for 2 so we knew most likely that I was leaving but we just weren't for sure. We were right too. We found out on Saturday after Sora Uhl paced the carpet back and forth for about 15 minutes. Haha. She was majorly stressed it was kind of funny :) her first transfer where she knew something would change. So I am going to the Mihai Bravu area in Bucuresti and I will be serving as an STL. I'm pretty nervous and also really excited. :) Some new fun adventures. Sora Uhl is staying here another transfer and is actually serving with one of her companions from the MTC! Haha. Sora Uhl just kept saying "Mammi" over and over again. She's pretty nervous since they are both new in this mission I am so excited for her! She already speaks like a boss and she is such a good missionary. Really though the Lord will bless her and her companion so much they are just going to grow I am so excited for them and for all that will happen here!
Oh I"m supposed to write my two. It was mother's day and duh I was so excited to skype! Until I woke up and then I just wanted to fall back asleep. :) It was great though!

Sunday was a pretty hard day for me actually. I knew I was leaving... I mean it made sense that I would be, but it just hadn't hit me yet. So during church yesterday President Alin asked me to just say my testimony and that was fine. As I go up though and I stare at the whole congregation I just wanted to bawl. It was horrible. I can not speak in Romanian and sob! Haha. It just hit me though how AMAZING these people are. They literally are my family. They are such strong strong STRONG members. They stand firm and steadfast and a lot of time they stand alone, but they do it and they stand up for what they believe. This branch is just so amazing. I've had the greatest opportunity to serve with them and among them. They are literally the greatest examples to me and I pray that I can be like them. I just love them so much. After I had bore my short testimony I sat down, looked at Sora Uhl, and couldn't help but let the tears flow. It just hit me how much I will miss them. How much I appreciate them and love them. I really will miss this branch. It's been the greatest 7 1/2 months.
We took lots of pictures afterward and today (Monday) we hung out with Andreea all day :) Couldn't ask for a better day really :) Talking to my family. Hanging out with one of my favorite companions and Andreea who is my sister! :) Gosh I am just so blessed. I feel like if anything I need to tell you all today is just that I am so blessed. So richly blessed.

Thank you. For all that you do. For all of your prayers. For all of your devotion. 

I love you all,
Sora Stewart

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