Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This is one of my favorite investigators T. She is beautiful and wonderful and I adore her. She is leaving for England this week :( But I am also leaving to Buch too.

All of us are leaving. This is Sora I the branch presidents wife and her cute son S. Gosh that kid haha. And then the boyds grandkids. and T.

Another cool picture of the stadium. That's the most grass I have seen in Romania.... that may be a lie. Where I am at there is a lot of hills. That is a lie. But it was still cool.

haha this is W. He is the Boyds' grandson. And he cracks me up. He is OBSESSED with imagine dragons. And when I was telling one of the Elders about moms email of what Tena said he about had a freak out. It was too funny. :) So this is him playing the piano upside down. Impressing all of us with his mad skills. :)

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