Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 18, 2013

Hmmm not sure where to start off here with this extremely awkward letter ha. And I can't tell you how many times I have thought of what I wanted to say and how I can explain what happened to me because oh gosh... weirdest weirdest weirdest most difficult week haha. And this will be short... or at least I will try to be... because I will write again on P-day. But they said I was allowed to write today to say, "Hey I'm out of the hospital and my lungs work great now :)"

Anyways... A little about what was happening with me obviously I went to the hospital. I thought I was fine until Monday night and I just was gasping for breath and I called Sora Hill and then she got scared which made me more scared! So it must have just meant that I sounded really bad and the Senior Couple here the Boyds (Can I just say how much I adore them. They are absolutely amazing!) came and got me from my apartment and drove us around at night trying to find a pharmacy that was open it was probably around 9:30 at that time. And I think I freaked out the pharmacy ladies because they practically threw an inhaler in my hands. Which helped me last through the night and the next day we went to go get a chest xray. Which they only had a dang hospitals. So we end up going to the emergency room where I sit there with an IV and a little mask thing with medicine for 6 hours. Gosh and I thought that was long. haha.
So after I am done with my treatments and I am breathing a tiny bit better by now... the doctor comes up to me and says you are improving but not like you should be and I hink there is something else wrong with you so I called the ambulance and they are going to take you to another hospital. Which was a little more then I can take haaa. Grateful I have a great district and people looking out for me here.

So I get transfered to another hospital 2 actually, but I end up staying the night at one where I have a great roommate, she was cute I liked her. I even had her say prayers with me that night :) Anywho the next day comes and I have a bad reaction. And they end up taking me down to the ICU because I had a hard time breathing for a half an hour and that was scary. So when I am down in the ICU which they make everyone dress in those funny outfits that are supposedly "Sterilized" they tell me that my lungs were just so infected and that I did have pnemonia which was just a great and dandy thing for me to hear. Haha. And so they told me that I would end up staying there for a week. Gosh and I just am thinking to myself how am I going to do anything. So I was there for a week and I got out today! HOORAY! I can't tell you how happy I am to be able to go and walk around. They wouldn't let me do anything in the hospital and I am just super grateful that I have such a loving district and they came to see me everyday so I wouldn't die of bordam... and so I could know of all the other things that happened that week.... like...

1. A bat flew into our apartment.

2. The Boyds' grandaughter became Sora M's new companion.

3. My investigator D came and saw me in the hospital (I was there to witness this obviously)

4. Sora M and R caught the bat and threw it out the window... we think it's dead.

5. The bat walked on my bed which means that I now have to sterilize that so I don't get rabies and end up in the hospital... again.

6. We had a picnik... how do you spell that???? Piknic... picc. anyways... for our branch for the 20th year of the mission being opened here!

7. Sora M got a new companion (a mini missionary named C)

8. Elder B now is in the hospital... poor guy he has the same symptoms as me.


Gosh do I have a lot to write about. But that's just kinda the synopsis of what happened to me. I basically just spent a week studying the old testament which is what I am studying now (Super fascinating I love it) and reading General Conference issues and listening to talks by Gordan B Hinckley on my Ipod. Lots of spiritual growth over here :) But yeah. I am okay :) Actually that's a lie I feel fantastic I have felt horrible for a few weeks where I had to stop and sit on the ground to breath and now I can breath regularly! Gosh it's great. And I am clean :) They didn't have showers where I was... so I feel great now. And ummm what else. :) Life is just great. I love it and I am so grateful. Nothing to make you feel humble and more grateful then spending a week in a hospital! And I had fantastic nurses. I really loved them and they were super sad to see me go which also made me a little nervous since they did not want me to leave they wanted me to stay another week and I laughed and said NO I am leaving thursday. But they want me to come visit them. Dangit I should have made them a thankyou note! Anyways. I feel great I am so ready to get back to regular missionary life and to walk. (They wouldn't let me leave my bed by myself until like 2 days ago) and Transfers are coming up and I know I am getting transfered... secretely don't know where I am going but I will be leaving Cluj. Which makes me sad because gosh I just love Cluj we have so many great memories together. But I am also excited to have a new companion and be in a new area and see how other branches function here. Because gosh Cluj has seriously one of the strongest branches here in Romania I am just going to miss it so much.

I love you all so much. And I am super grateful for you all. I felt your prayers and I feel the blessings that have come. Thankyou so much. You have no idea how much you all mean to me!

Sora Stewart

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