Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 29, 2013

Oh my goodness. I can not tell you how amazingly happy I am! I am so grateful and I just love everything about how this transfer is going. It is such a blessing.

So I was a little nervous about going to Panduri and serving with these two training sisters for 2 weeks and then having to get a new companion that has never been to the MTC before. But I can honestly tell you that these last few days have been absolutley AMAZING! Gosh I kinda think I may have lost sight of how happy I really can be and how much I absolutely LOVE being a missionary. It's so fantastic you have no idea.


I really love my companions I am serving with Sora Stapley (from Arizona) and Sora Gerhartz (from New Jersey) and they are BEYOND amazing. We have so much fun everyday and I mean everyday and we are so focused on the work here and what we are doing. I can just feel how much they already love me and how they want to help me succeed and how much they want to make me feel comfortable. They are just so great I love this transfer already and it is just starting.
I also really really really really really love Bucharest. A lot of people and I am just going to make a guess here and just say the majority of the missionaries don't necessarily want to serve in Buch. Because it's a HUGE city. And trying to get anywhere in this city at least takes an hour. But I absolutley love it. I think I was just born to live in a city the rest of my life because man it just feel great. I love the city.


We also had a baptism this Saturday and her name is M. I would spell it phonetically but it is... Anyways. Sora Gerhartz has been serving in Panduri well for her whole mission and this is her 6th transfer so she and her other companions Sora Ewell and Sora Drotar have been teaching M. and her daughter S. They are darling. Oh my gosh they are so cute and I really really love them all ready. I was a little nervous about meeting other investigators because I have only served in Cluj and they have always been my investigators. But when Sora Stapley and I met M. she came up to us and gave us a kiss on the cheek and hugged us. She is so darling and her daughter is just a ball of fire. So cute so so cute.

So anyways with transfers and all the craziness that goes on here and a lot of people are la tara right now. The baptism was a little crazy. We had speakers.... sorta. And one of the elders accidentally dropped his planner and his bus pass in the baptismal font and so because we wear skirts I had to climb into the font and try and grab his stuff. It was great. But it really was amazing. Sara and Sora Gerhartz surprised M. by having S. sing," I am a Child of God." I am not kidding when I tell you that there were tears everywhere. And when M. came out of the font she told us that she wanted to be baptized everyweek. The spirit was so strong and she bore such a powerful testimony. She is just amazing and we may have another baptism this week with her daughter S. (she's about 9) but it also may be in two weeks so stay tuned.

I wont have my new mini missionary yet that wont be till around August 6th I believe so until then we are in a trio. And so many people told us that trios are so awkward but we absolutely love it. We really love each other and it's crazy to here about how much we have in common with one another. Sora Stapley :) is a mad contacter. Gosh she is so dang good at it it's ridiculous! She is so inspiring in this and I have made goals so that way I can reach to where she is in this. Sora Gerhartz :) Gosh Love her. She is just so funny and when she teaches she teaches people. She teaches directly to their needs. And she cares so much about people. She is so loving. I just feel like I have to catch up with these sisters because they are so amazing! I am so excited to see what else I will get to learn by being with these wonderful sisters.


I love you all so much and I am going to get better at writing responses down that you ask me. Promise!

Spencer I am super excited for you to go on a mission! It's fantastic I love it. I seriously seriously love it! Best decision I have ever made in my life... well I did go to the temple. But you know what I mean. And well I think that you are going to go... hmmm....  Bulgaria :) You'll be right next to me. Although pretty positive their language is harder. Bafta :)

Also if I can give some advice that I really wish I would have worked on more before my mission that would have not necessarily made it easier but it would have made my work ethnic more powerful. Is read Preach My Gospel. Scratch that STUDY PMG. Study the Christ like characters. Study how to feel the spirit. Study how to manage time. Study the lessons that are given. Do the activities. Read the stories. Memorize some scriptures that would be good for contacting. I really wish I would have applied more of that in the day to day studies before the mission. It would have helped a lot.


Mom: is it okay if I still order those books of mormon or no? Let me know. I never ordered them... well because it was in the midst of the hospital incident... is that how you spell that?


Dad: I am so excited to hear about the work progressing back home and with our neighbor? I can't tell you how happy and excited I am to see that you are helping this. And with what I have gone through just in these few transfers... man it's really really really really hard to get members to help in missionary work here... you really don't have an idea... So just to know that you are trying so hard to help the work progress back home in our ward it makes me insanely happy. :)



Ummm... I think that's about it :) I am just LOVING life right now. I absolutley adore Buch... even though they speak quite a bit faster here. I just feel like I am on clouds... Just growing every single day. It's great I love it :)
Cu Dragoste,

Sora Stewart

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