Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I literally have so much going on in my brain right now that I think I just need to somewhat relinquish it.
- Dance to me is a stress and then a relief. I go to the studio and stay there for hours when things go bad.
- My toes up all the time. All I have to do is just squish them and they all crack.
- I love it when someone stretches my feet out. LOVE IT :)
- I think I may have a serious problem with shopping. Is there really shopping anonymous? I may have to go.
- I wish my roommate Jess and I were the same size. We would have a never ending closet of options :)
- I am so grateful in my life. I have been so blessed.
- I hate hate hate hate HATE being late. I'm dead serious I am never late so when I am actually late I get upset.
- I am in love with someone... his name is Joshua Radin. :) I love him. I do :) I don't care that he is like 20 years older than me ahhahahaha
- I wish that we could have dogs in our dorm. I love dogs :)
- I wish I were tanner.
- I love guy names for girls. :) I just read this book where the girl's name was James. I LOVE IT :)
- Sometimes I really don't think that people think before they talk. It's embarrassing.
- I don't think that people should post everything on facebook even if they are joking. It can be offensive and I think that it shouldn't be out there.
- I would never want to be part of a sorority.
- I don't know where I want to transfer anymore... It makes it kind of stressful for me.
- I need a job. Bad.
- I really hate it when girls suck in the dramatic life. It's annoying.
- I'm glad I have Jessica in my life.
- Dating scares me sometimes... I like to go on dates though... is there a way to have it all???? haha
- I'm so grateful for my family. They are the greatest they really are :)
- I don't like the cold...
- I just want to lay out on the beach in the sun with no worries.
- I'm glad that I have so many books :) Its my other world of escapes :)

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