Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So I have to say that I do have some of the greatest friends here in college. And right now I have to explain two of them. I swear we are the three musketeers we do everything together and it is never ever ever ever boring around them. Like for example right now they are running around the chair I'm sitting in playing tag. Not only that but they are just circling my chair. Weirdos aren't they? Yes, yes they are. James will always talk in Russian, and make up random raps that have to do with stealing babies. Yes that does sound creepy but honestly it's not too bad and it was way freaking funny. James also makes about 4 marriage proposals today... you may think that I'm joking but I just asked Jess and she agreed he really makes about 4 marriage proposals to me a day. I think maybe one day I just might say yes and really freak him out hahahhaha. That would be the greatest and funniest thing ever. James also gets a little grossed out and feels completely uncomfortable with anything dealing with sex and female reproductive systems. Hahaha I laugh at this just thinking about it. For example I will say that maybe I'm on my period or I'm having cramps and then that will start mine and Jess's conversation on periods or as we also call it TOM. Not explaining that for those that don't know. James also gets just as distracted as I do. I think we both have ADD. He can't just sit and do homework he gets beyond distracted. Like right now he was supposed to write a paper that I'm helping him with and first he played tag... and now he left to go get something from his room and really for no reason. Okay now on to Jess.

Jess is my best friend here. I tell her practically and basically everything. And if I don't she tackles me while I'm in bed and she is in her underwear. Let me tell you that was one of the most awkward situations of my entire life!!!!!!!! What do you do when that situation comes up??? Panic and put a Book of Mormon in front of my face that's what I did! Jess is always there for me and I love her to death. I like it how at night when we are reading our scriptures if I have a question or she does I'm not afraid to ask. Even if it is a dumb question and I'm just not understanding she doesn't ridicule me and make fun she answers it. We laugh all the time together and sometimes its just over ridiculous things hahahha like stupid ridiculous things. Most of the time I think we laugh at James though. Sorry I'm referring so many things to what is happening now but they are over and so that's whats going on. But James is rocking out to some music that he is listening to on his computer with his headphones in and then my music was playing Jack Johnson where me and Jess can hear it. James looked completely ridiculous rocking out to Jack Johnson Better Together. Come on now James get with it. Jess is also there for me just when it's stupid boys, serious issues concerning illness or death, or whether it's just me being in a bad mood. Last week I was sick and Jess wasn't afraid to get near me and she came and helped as much as she could. Maybe she didn't realize this but I did. I don't think Jess realizes how much she really does for me and how much she has influenced me and how much she really means to me. I think I really wouldn't have enjoyed college as much as I have if Jess wasn't here. She may not be my exact twin with creativeness and understanding stories within dances like I can, but we are alike in the way we act and if I didn't have her here I probably would be heading off to some other school.

Overall I am grateful for friends. My friends back home. My family friends. My dance friends. New friends. Old friends. But those two are the ones I hang out with the most. I'm not afraid to ask them anything and I know that if I needed anything that would be there for me in a second. There was a time not too long ago that one of our roommates was sick. We don't know exactly what happened but she passed out and she couldn't move from the floor. I was up way too late... much like tonight and when I was coming out to brush my teeth I saw her just on the floor laying there talking. She was talking to her parents about how she was feeling. I immediately came over and tried to help just giving her water and rubbing her back. Then finally I told myself that she needed a priesthood blessing because she still was just not feeling well. I knew James was down in his bedroom so I ran down there called him and told him what happened. Jess was with him and they both came running up the stairs because they were concerned. James went and gave her a blessing along with another friend and then Jess and I just sat with our roommate for a while with James just to talk to her and give her comfort. This is how important they are. They would be there for anyone and I love that. :) Thanks for being such great friends I love you both :)

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