Friday, March 18, 2011


I need job. Bad. Things are expensive and honestly I have the worst luck and things happen to me. For example last night went to Provo to visit my cousin and I parked my car for honestly 10 minutes. I come out and guess what they put a thing on my tire. And you know what they fined me 65 freaking dollars. I was livid.
I am okay with my expenses. I shop for food and pay for gas usually most of the time and that's honestly about it. So when things happen where I have to pay for stitches in my finger or I have to pay for this thing on my tire I freak out. Because my bank account just drains and I then again am just a poor poor college student who desperately needs a job. Even if it was just little little money. I still need it bad.
So now I sit here and I think of everything I need to do and I panic and think how the freak am I gonna do it all when I'm gonna starve??? haha no I'm really okay I'm not gonna starve but still I need a job.

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  1. You got a boot on your car?? That sucks, I'm sorry! They're kinda ruthless like that in Provo though. I bet you could work at a retail store out there in Price, if you have any time to...