Monday, January 31, 2011


Okay yes stress this is what has been on my mind. Seeing as it is pronounced upon my forehead. Really. Yes. Okay so I never break out and I have been stressed out of my mind. It hasn't even been over school... so that's a lie... a little bit of school ya know I do have a test tomorrow and a test on Wednesday and on next Monday. Oh the joys.
But really I feel like I am just being stretched and pulled, from what I want to do, need to do, should do, and imagine doing. As you can tell I can't think straight seeing as I am incoherent! Which does happen often now... awkward. See just the rambles of my mind.
Okay back to business. I have just been so stressed with the classes I am having to take, the dance I want to do but can't next fall because I will most likely be the intern for the admissions and scholarships office, also how am I going to afford two semesters this summer? That's not all I think of where am I going to transfer? Could I get into BYU or should I go for Weber? Or you do know that the U and UVU has amazing dance programs.... where on earth should I go? Then there are times where I think "Dance is so much work, you can just change your major and just go down an easier road ya know." then the other side of my brain thinks "How on earth could I not do dance? How could I live without it?" And this is the side that wins because I can't think of anything that I would rather do in my life then dance! Okay maybe getting married in the temple and having kids is up there. Okay that is more important. But ya'll know what I mean....
Anyways I just feel stressed. That basically sums it up :)
But literally I feel like this....

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  1. K so...I don't like that you're so stressed out, especially because I can't do anything to help! You are definitely meant to dance, I do know that. You love it too much not to! I guess just keep praying about it and it will all work out!

    P.S. feel free to give me a call whenever if you ever need to vent. I'll always listen :)