Friday, January 28, 2011

Days 19, 20, and 21

So nicknames that I have had or had.
It's interesting because I really don't have many nicknames at all... but here we go :)
1. Jen
2. Jenanana (this one given to me by a school friend and now that's what my sister calls me every time I call home)
3. Jennapooh (named by my dad. We kinda had this obsession with winnie the pooh and I think that's just how it stuck hahah)
4. Sterrrt (Mannnn I got that name on the Church History Tour by my fantastic friend Suzy and then it kinda stuck only Jenni and Suzy call me it though. Not to big of a fan of it :P)

Someone I love :)
Mannn I really love so many people but one I really do love and I feel that I have gotten so close to lately with all the trials I have gone through is Christ. Really how can I not be close to him when he knows exactly what I feel and what I am going through. He is always there to help as long as I ask him and he will never steer me wrong. :)This is my all time favorite picture of Christ which is why I always put it up here. :) This is also in my room too :)

Something that makes me extremely happy man :) It's dance. I have to say it I am a dancer. That's the one way I can really express myself and show that I can dance my feelings away. It's the one place and it's the one thing where I can be anything and just let everything go even if it is just for that moment. This picture specifically though makes me excited :) When I was back at my old studio Ms. Alison created this dance that was on chairs and it was the most beautiful/terrifying/realistic/emotional/coolest piece I have seen. And I wanted to be in the piece so bad. Unfortunately there were a lot of other dancers that were better than me and I never got my chance to really shine, because I was so intimidated by the others. Now though I have my chance to create my own pieces and one of the pieces that is in my head is on chairs and I want it to be alive one day. So this is one of the reasons why I love this picture and why it makes me so happy :) My dream can live one day :)

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